Stop the radio dial, I want to get off

Talk 96.9 became Power 96.9 yesterday. And at 10 a.m. today, it became Nova 96.9, which sounds a bit more like Evolution 101.7, only with dance remixes of Ellie Goulding's "Lights" and oh, no, oh, dammnit, that stupid Rihanna "shine bright like a frickin' diamond" song! Good thing I wasn't listening with ear buds, because I would've ripped those things right out and probably punctured something important.

Boston Radio Watch reports:

Press release says a 'week' of transformation so we're probably looking at 3 or 4 more of these format wheel spins.

Sean Barnacoat at WBZ adds:

You realize they're "stunting," right? Changing formats every day for a week until they reveal the new REAL format next week.



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Boston FM death march

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I agree. It's a real shame that the FM radio dial in this city is so homogenous. Long live the college stations!

They're playing Daft Punk

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They're playing Daft Punk 'Around the World' right now. They're really on top of what's happening in EDM right now.

Hip record store in Riverdale?

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I would never in a million, trillion years have guessed that there is a record store like that in Riverdale in Dedham.

My Dad found dozens and dozens of really old 78s a couple of months ago in the attic and got a record player for Christmas. I'm definitely going to take him there so he can check it out.

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Highly recommended. There is more music diversity coming out of that guy's basement than there is in all of Boston these days.

For the young kids out there, they have an app for your iPhone.

loss of talk radio 96.9

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How do you figure that? For starters, Smerconish is libertarian, Graham is an idiot (oh, I'm sorry, also a conservative). Meehan wasn't around long enough to have an impact, although, I never quite figured out what his political angle was. The Andleman brothers are conservative (and obnoxious), The Fat guy on the weekend is conservative, and the list goes on and on. Seems like most talk radio, they kept a token liberal or two around to mock.

Aside of all of that information, were WTTK really liberal, wouldn't they be in the prime state for liberal radio? I mean, conservatives always claim the libs mindlessly vote for liberal after liberal, why wouldn't they also mindlessly turn on their radios and tune in for their daily "marching orders?"

You blinked

So shortly after 10am Friday they were still playing EDM music, so I thought the world was safe.

Lunch time now and that are Mike 96.9 "we play anything".

Advertising gimic? Annoyance? Identity crisis? Maybe a different format for each day?