Red Line woes continue: Rail breaks at Central Square

They've been workin' on the railroad. Repairs at Central. Photo by MBTA.They've been workin' on the railroad at Central. Photo by MBTA.

UPDATE: The T reports service resumed around 2:10 p.m., with, of course, residual delays.

Ruddy S. reports a broken rail. The T says it's now busing between Kendall and Harvard.

Dani B., who took the photo below, tweets:

One lousy bus waiting for us at Kendall #shocker

Red turns yellow at Kendall.Red turns yellow at Kendall.



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I'm sorry. It's just sad. Someone needs to remind the 'professionals' who manage the MBTA that yes, it gets cold on occasion in Boston.

We're getting more and more like a 3rd world country everyday.

Mice and Rats work harder at night.

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The MBTA claims it needs to close from 1am to 6am to fix things. They don't fix anything. It’s a joke. The union worker slugs down in the tunnel unsupervised do nothing. I want a reality show done on these union slugs. Put cameras on them every night. Let’s see what they really do when the T shuts down each night.

The objective of the union is to slow the job down. When something goes wrong Stop work and watch others scramble to fix it. They are always looking for thing to go wrong so they can stop work.


28:22, a very funny line.

I agree but

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broken rails happen in every kind of weather, in fact they happen more in warm weather.