Good thing it's only two feet deep



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Let's see. It was below

Let's see. It was below freezing for two days, it was down in single digits last night, and the water is shallow.

Some of us don't live our lives in the fetal position.

Dont they

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usually drain this pond for the winter?

Not in January

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The lagoon is usually drained later in February or March when there's less chance of snow cover so the bottom can be raked and maintenance performed. It then gets re-filled before Patriots' Day in April.

Most people

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know not to walk on ice full of cracks and gaping holes, like the two in the foreground, either.

It takes

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5 straight days before its safe to skate on a stagnant pond. Seeing how ballsy you are, you should trying walking across the Charles this weekend.


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gag does not apply to Messiahs.


What's the worst that could happen? You'd break though the ice and be knee deep in ice cold dirty water and as you try to step out the ice continues to break? It wouldn't be a big deal anyway as once you got out you'd only have to walk a few blocks in 30 degree temps before finding someplace semi-warm where you could call a friend to ask them to bring you some dry cloths and shoes.

Wait a second. That sounds pretty horrible.


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Lives where we enjoy walking out onto thin ice with visible holes in it, when it's 37 degrees out? I mean, yeah, maybe we could do with fewer warning labels on bleach bottles, but I guess I'm not seeing the part where standing knee-deep in a pool of disgusting near-freezing water is going to give my life back that certain je ne sais quoi.

to Boston Dog

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It seems as though you are not familiar with the Boston Public Garden. There are two large hotels only one block from the lagoon: the Taj and the Four Seasons. I would think they are more than semi-warm since I'm pretty sure it costs quite a lot to stay there. Furthermore, I'll clarify another point since you are unfamiliar with this park. It's crowded. If someone put their foot through the ice and was unable walk back to terra firma, there would be others there to help them out. Obviously I'm not advocating for parents to let their 3 year olds walk to the center of the lagoon to test the ice and that is not what is depicted in the photo in question.
FYI, as a kid I used to ice skate on a shallow swamp-like pond behind my house. My foot did go through the ice on one or two occasions and it wasn't horrible. A little shocking since it was icy cold, but I'm neither physically or emotionally traumatized by it.
Please do get out and visit the park -- it's really quite lovely and not at all threatening!

Going out on the ice

The fractures you see in the photo are probably from the pressure of the ice expanding, breaking and refreezing. On a pond with a gentle slope it would creep up onto the shore but the lagoon has those stone walls and there is no place for the ice to go.

The Charles of course is moving water and people die walking across it and other rivers fairly often, but a shallow pond isn't going to liquify because the temp goes up to 38. I went out and stamped all over a flooded field pond today, it was solid as a rock and my kids played hockey on it for two hours.

Actually since most people are so dumb just stay away from the ice.

You complete hardos

Are we really up to eight posts debating the merits, wisdom, and ballsiness of walking on ice WHEN IT'S 37 (EXPLETIVE) DEGREES OUTSIDE?

It's a stupid idea. Period. I don't care how shallow the water is, don't come bitching to me or to 911 if you walk out on a frozen body of water when it's 37.


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Read barstool much?


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And here I am thinking I'm the only stoolie/uhuber

Not a big deal

Like another poster wrote, I was screwing around on a marshy, shallow creek as a kid in not very freezing temperatures. I had a ton of fun, then my foot went through the ice and called it a day. Fun was had by all.