Cambridge a front in the War on Christmas?

Karrie reports what happened when she walked into Stellabella Toys in Inman Square this morning:

As we walked into the store, a rather stern looking, middle-aged woman was raving "It's MERRY CHRISTMAS! DO YOU HEAR ME? MERRY CHRISTMAS!" She caught my eye and barked: "None of this Happy Holidays bullshit!"

Hark the batshit crazy angels sing, lady. I heard you. ...



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    What I don't get

    Happy Holidays has always been around. When I was little *mumble* years ago, we had a Happy Holidays banner that my mom used to hang in the living room. Now to be fair, back then it meant Christmas and New Years, but still, when I hear people raving about "Happy Holidays bullshit" it makes me wonder how they have enough brain cells alive to keep their bodily functions operating


    From the brains behind

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    Especially at Stellabella...

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    ... that last Saturday had a huge Channukah display just inside the door.

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    stellabella cruella de ville

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    I feel for the crazy lady...
    Here are 2 examples why:
    1. A relative of mine works for Comcast as a customer service representative. If she or any other Comcast employee accidentally or otherwise says Merry Christmas to a customer, they are immediately fired.
    2. I worked for a private firm in Cambridge last year. In December a simple wreath with red bow was ordered for the lobby. It was deemed as potentially offensive since it too strongly referred to Christmas. It was returned in an exchange for a SQUARE wreath.

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    Happy Holidays

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    My favorite example of a person or organization bending over backwards to be politically correct is an Episcopal Church in West Newton that sells Christmas trees. They have a sign fronting the main drag that says "Holiday trees for sale".

    Now, just what holiday might that be, Episcopal Church? For goodness' sakes, you're a CHURCH. If anybody shouldn't be worried about saying CHRISTMAS tree, it's you. Sheesh.

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    Just wanted to clarify that

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    Just wanted to clarify that this woman was another shopper, and not an employee. Stellabella is a great store.

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    Could it be that they want

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    Could it be that they want to sell them to folks who aren't Christian, too? Plenty of Jews, particularly in interfaith families, do "Chanukah bushes," and trees have significance in pagan solstice celebrations (at least as I understand it--isn't that where the christmas tree concept originated?).

    Fun as it is to moan about the evil oppression of political correctness, I'm guessing that an Episcopal church is not censoring its discussions of Christmas.

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