Is Chicago Irishier than South Boston?

Apparently, some group in Chicago thinks the Irish parliament has nothing better to do than consider a petition to make it the Official Headquarters for St. Patrick's Day.



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Does Chicago's parade ban LGBT folks like ours does? If not, then we should all support Chicago getting this honor instead of Boston.


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Boston's St Patty's parade is run and organized by a private organization, which the Supreme Court ruled can do whatever they want. This doesn't seem to stop the thousands of Yuppies and Hipsters from enjoying the Parade.


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also kept KKK & Nazi party out.

Organizers felt it was inappropriate to have human sexuality become discussion for families with young children on parade day with 1000s of kids present. Was hardly a hate-filled message.

Unrelated but Charlestown has a much longer Irish history than South Boston.

"Was hardly a hate-filled message"

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Laughable. lol.

Surely I misconstrued the 90s-era cries of "It's Adam and EVE, not Adam and STEVE" as Hate. Silly me. And Wacko Hurley talking about GLIB's "radical agenda" was hardly hate-filled rhetoric.

Keep believing the fairy tale that the organizers were simply thinking of the children whose tiny little brains can't handle the idea that people might be gay and the exclusion had nothing to do with old-fashioned well-ensconsed bigotry.

I guess it was harder to explain to kids what GLIB stood for than it was to explain why Uncle Freddy was extremely intoxicated at 11 in the morning and why aunt Colleen was puking her guts out.


Gee, my kids managed to deal with gay friends and neighbors long before they even knew what straight people did, let alone gay people.

If you are making it all about sex, well, that's your problem.

Because they're bigots.

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Wait, so, it's "thinking of the children" to send the message to my young child that her family isn't welcome at the event?

It's Paddy's Day not Patty's

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The South Boston parade does not represent Ireland, it represents some f*cked up version of Ireland that this inbred organization has created. In the real Ireland the LBGT community are welcomed into the parades in all of the major cities and towns.

I am from Ireland, I have lived in the Boston area for 18 years and have not attended the Southie parade because of the bigoted blinkered view of Irishness it represents. I have many friends in Southie, it's a good community of people in many regards but this bs needs to end.