Teens sought for trying to sell guns at a T stop

SuspectMBTA Transit Police have released photos of two guys they say approached somebody at the Bremen Street entrance to the Airport T stop on Dec. 22 and "offered to sell him a .40 caliber and/or a .380 caliber firearm."

One is black, about 6'2" with a Pirates cap, dark parka with a fur-lined hood, jeans and sneakers. The other is Hispanic, 5'6" to 5'8" with a small mustache, wearing a blue leather jacket with white stripes down the arms and across the chest with some type of symbol on the upper left chest.

Know them? Contact T police at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous tip via the SeeSay app or text to 873873.



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Blue Line Blues

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The Herald has a story about a gang in East Boston who were targeting innocent puerto ricans for assassination. I can't fathom why the police and media did not warn these poor people about the plot even though a police detective testified about ethnic tensions in the neighborhoods that run the gamut from Maverick to Beachmont

Because you know what helps

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Because you know what helps in situations of ethnic tension? Making a public speech saying "Hey, Puerto Ricans, listen up. Gangs in East Boston are targeting you at random for assassination. None of you are safe! They could be coming after any one of you, at any time of the day, for no reason whatsoever. Run and hide! Protect yourselves, because apparently if us cops could stop them, we'd be out there stopping them instead of warning you!" I'm sure that would really help ease the ethnic tensions and not cause ANYone to panic and incite even MORE violence.

Graffitti on the wall

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If there is any hate graffitti sprayed on walls we justifiably have "no place for hate campaigns" and we notify the community. Since 9-11 we have been bombarded with alerts.
When MS-13 a terrorist group announced they were going to shoot innocent puerto ricans in East Boston and did, the puerto rican community and the whole city should have been notified.

Yes, these things should be publicly discussed

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and police should issue warnings when appropriate. No innocent person, no matter who they are and no matter their race,ethnicity, whatever, should be hurt or die because somebody didn't want to make waves.

That there are tensions between P.R.s, Dominicans and newcomer Central Americans is well known. And here's a newsflash: NOT ALL 'LATINOS' or 'Hispanics' are alike. There's also big differences between and American born and raised of P.R., Dominican, Central American descent and a real immigrant. This is true of all ethnicities, not just 'Hispanics'.


Another situation that's rarely discussed is how immigrant workers, especially central Americans, are targeted for robbery in the street because they often have lots of cash at payday, and often simply carry more cash on them than others. Ditto Asian immigrants. They're usually jumped by their own so-called people, but black thugs also are well known for targeting them, which creates racial tensions.

NRA representatives?

Oh, these small businessmen were just eager new members of the NRA allowing T riders the opportunity to protect themselves! :-)

You're just mad that they are

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You're just mad that they are selling guns on public transit and not offering DRIVE THROUGH SERVICE!

No need in safety of a car

Somebody in a car will interact with far fewer people than riding a T bus or subway, hence, the bigger market for sales is at a T station. See, these kids are smarter than you when it comes to business and marketing! They probably also do sales from bicycles where they will interact more with pedestrians than in a car.