Man shot to death in South Boston

UPDATE: Victim identified as Jonathan Reyes, 18, of South Boston.

Boston Police report a man was shot repeatedly outside the Trolley House building at 335 W. 2 St. around 2:50 a.m. He was taken to Tufts Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.




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The D street projects aren't

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The D street projects aren't exactly a high crime area either. And that area of West 2nd is extremely quiet and filled mostly with high end condos...

I wouldn't say the projects

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are near this crime scene. And yes, even though this is considered the "lower end" most realtors would like you all to believe the condos in this area are "high end" not lower end. All condos are luxury!

This is a very quiet, safe

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This is a very quiet, safe neighborhood as is most of South Boston. This is an unusual circumstance and they weren't residents of our neighborhood. They were visiting someone and were obviously targeted.

off topic, but...

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Did we ever find out why that student was found in the charles river wrapped in chains and cinder blocks etc? that was months ago and I hadn't heard anything from any news outlets.

Yeah right

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Yeah right my mother works at B.U. and they were telling people it was probably a suicide. Not even kidding that is what they were saying. The old cinder block and chain jump of the the bridge! BS!! Yes it should be interesting what they say about this one since the BPD was just puffing their chest about the crackdown on drugs in Southie, and how it has virtually stopped violent crime in its tracks!

All of South Boston is safe

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All of South Boston is safe if you aren't into drugs. I walk through the D Street Projects and the people there couldn't be nicer.

- The Original South Boston Yuppie.

I have lived on this street

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I have lived on this street for 5 years and agree with the above comment. This is not at all a normal thing to occur on West Second, it is very safe and quiet aside from the occasional drunk youngster leaving the bars nearby. According to friends I know in that building, police said it may have been related to a party going on in one condo and the police continued to investigate the building all day. Witnesses saw a man and a woman come to the aid of the young man, I sure hope they were thoroughly questioned because I do not want this riff raff in my neighborhood