Don't get the manager of the Starbucks on Rte. 9 in Brookline mad

Wicked Local Brookline reports the local constabulary showed up at the 1154 Boylston St. Starbucks on Saturday when an employee found a gun in the restroom:

The gun belonged to the cafe's owner, who accidentally left it there.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk.



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      Gun owners are always so

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      Gun owners are always so responsible with their weapons. Sorry it was too easy.

      that's not the real WTF

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      This is the real WTF:

      "Assault: A student staying with a host family reported being assaulted by the family."



      That must be why the owner(?) was packing heat. And cranberries.

      "Cafe's owner"?

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      The owner of the business is the Starbucks Corporation, as none of their cafe's are owned by a franchise owner - some Starbucks at places like hotels and airports are licensed out to other large corporations, but never to Dunkin's or McDonald's-style franchise owners.

      Unless, of course, the building is owned by a local man and leased to Starbucks, then the statement makes more sense. Maybe this is the type of guy that likes to get his rent in cash and feels a little uneasy walking around with all that money.


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      Don't order a black eye or a red eye.

      Semi-automatic Dunks, Then

      You must not do any comparison shopping - their prices are usually quite compatible. If anything, Dunks is more expensive.

      Latte vs Dunkin Donuts Coffee

      Perhaps if you direct compare coffee to coffee and latte to latte then it is comparable (and logical to compare). The reason Starbucks is said to be more expensive (and thus the demographic of two focuses) is the frontline product they sell. Latte are what Starbucks they cost quite a bit. Meanwhile Dunkin's main product is just coffee. While one can order a latte (now) from Dunks and coffee from Starbucks (though you have to add the sugar and milk manually), the prominent product are different and thus the prices.

      I think it is reasonable to view the two by their flagship rather than product to product and thus says Starbucks is more expensive. If that comparison was not valid, Starbucks would not focus their marketing and construction on the Yuppie/SWPL upscale crowd and areas and Dunks would not focus on Middle/Working class crowd and areas. There would be a Starbucks or two in Malden and/or Everett where people just buy black coffee at a cheaper (?) price than the 20 Dunks that dominates the area instead just opening in Melrose and really focus on lattes.

      The Sbux customers I'm in

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      The Sbux customers I'm in line with seem pretty middle class to me. Also, how do you get to be middle class if you're not part of the working class? What a weird comment to make.

      I can get a black cup of coffee at Sbux for the same price as the Dunks across the street. At least at Sbux they tell you what kind of bean(s) you're drinking so you can pick and choose between acidic and less acidic coffee. At Dunks you have no choice for coffee -- it's only acidic. I've noticed a lot of reverse snobbery going on with die-hard Dunks fans who are spending just as much as the Sbux set. It's getting pretty old.

      Best way I can examplifiy it

      The best I can put it is in two ways: One is saying blue collar vs white collar. But that has blurred as casual dress has taken in. So I have to mentioned it as a cultural distinction formed decades ago.

      Another way is to compare Malden vs Melrose (or perhaps Somerville vs Cambridge is a better distinction even though Somerville is quickly changing). If you look as the professions and income levels, while both are Middle class, you can't say they are the same animals.

      Both works, but the usage of "working" and "middle" vs "Yuppie" and "SWPL" is trying to give distinction to the customer base between them (all really falls into Middle Class in the end regardless if one study median income). Feel free to give me another word. But the distinction remains. The areas with the highest Starbucks concentrations are college campuses, the Financial District, and areas similar. The areas with the highest Dunks is everywhere else.

      I decided to go google search to back myself better and I can refer you to this that might explain it better:

      DD food.

      When DD started to offer Roast Beef and Chicken Salad sandwiches, I thought they were going off the deep end. Then I noticed a lot of construction workers buying those types of things during their short lunch breaks/snacks. I think DD does well with these items that I would never have expected to make money on. I have found myself getting a sausage/egg/cheese on a toasted bagel there in a pinch. Fantastic hangover food!

      But I like my coffee black and strong (insert how I like my women joke here....) and Starbucks grande dark roast is the best.

      And yea, big DD coffee roll vs. Starbucks coffee cake price......

      Both are fantastic, but DD has the better price there.