Chaos in Somerville: Chase, shots, residents urged to stay indoors

A car chase involving four kids from Charlestown ended with a crash on Leonard Street around 10:40 p.m. - after shots were fired on Gilman Street around 9 p.m. Three of the people in the car were arrested, but one fled, sparking a manhunt that brought in State Police and the State Police helicopter and prompted the city to issue this request:

Police pursuit of possibly armed suspect in W. Somerville Tufts/Powderhouse area is under way. If in the area, please stay inside.

Around 11:20 p.m., the city reported the last of the suspects is now in custody.



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Who said Charlestown? I

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Who said Charlestown? I haven't heard or seen anything about ctown?


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This is unconfirmed. I heard over radio chatter when they were describing the last 2 suspects before they were apprehended. They gave out names and addresses of the suspects.

FYI, I am not the Somerville PD. This just happened in my neighborhood and I turned on the scanner which is available online, so take what I wrote as unofficial.