Good Lord: Roslindale to get Indian restaurant

A big sign in the window at the late Cafe Rialto on Washington Street now advertises the impending arrival of an outpost of Dorchester's Shanti.



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It might do

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If they have delivery.

A nearby example of a good restaurant in an inconvenient location near where many restaurants have failed, yet doing a smashing business nonetheless, is seven star bistro. Shanti should figure out what they are doing right and do it too.

Seven Star's Secret

They make by far, the best Chinese food in Roslindale, maybe all of Boston. Shanti won't need to do that, as they will be the only Indian food in Rozzie.

My take on the Rialto/Square Corner/etc. location is that it is poorly laid out space for dine in, and would be better focusing on take out (much as Seven Star does).


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This will be a great addition to the Village. I can't wait to try their pizza.


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Granted, Shanti's actually fairly successful, but let's see if the owners can manage to run this place as "efficiently" as they have Om in Harvard Square and Naga/Moksa in Central Sqaure.

... $10 says the place is bankrupt and completely down the tubes within six months, as the case has been with all the other properties.

This is the only Indian

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This is the only Indian restaurant as far as I'm concerned. I didn't like Indian, until I ate shanti.