For second day in a row, brand-new JAL jet taken out of service at Logan

Yesterday, it was a fire, today it was leaking fuel, this time on a plane getting ready to taxi to a runway for takeoff, WBZ tweets. Both are 787 Dreamliners.



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    What rescheduling would mean

    The JAL is the only Boston-Tokyo direct flight. Otherwise, one has to fly to NYC, LAX, SFO or Seattle, and that might get you in later (by the time you found the open flights and added the travel time) than if you just waited in Boston. Might cost more than a night's hotel stay, too - if JAL wasn't covering that.

    Extend Logan Runways

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    The 787 is the only aircraft capable of reaching Asia and taking off on Logan's short runways. If Boeing is not successful in quickly establishing trust in this aircraft, Boston will always be limited to a connection city from Asia unless we extend a runway capable of supporting a fully loaded 747/767.

    JAL knows that the pharma and tech business draw of the region combined with tourism can fill a plane to Boston every day of the week, but not if the aircraft is going to create real doubt in travelers. Boston would be wise to expand the runway infrastructure to parity with Newark so that more types of aircraft are capable of arriving/departing from here. You can fly Newark - Singapore, the longest nonstop flight in the world at 18.5 hours and almost 10,000 miles.

    Not aircraft size its distance

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    Yes a 747 can land and take off at logan but it isnt carying a full load of fuel when heading to LHR. When going to asia it needs a ton more fuel and would require a longer runway.

    Lufthansa does too, but I

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    Lufthansa does too, but I don't know if it's the really, fully loaded versions. Aer Lingus used to fly 747s out of Boston, again, probably the smaller versions.

    I once watched an Aer Lingus 747 with a bad engine take off from Logan. It was being ferried to someplace for engine R/R and with only three engines and full rudder, the pilot still had to drag the brakes to keep the 747 going straight. Tons of somoke started pouring off the landing gear about half way down the runway, but it took off.

    Lufthansa and British airways

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    Lufthansa and British airways both regularly operate 747s at Logan. Obama too. They would need to extend for A380 service though

    Egg Freckles?

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    Obama is flying planes now? Is there nothing he can't do?

    Nope. The 787 is designed for

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    The 787 is designed for long and thin routes -- where there's only a moderate passenger demand. There's not enough demand to fill a bigger plane from Boston to Tokyo every day.