Fields Corner pizza place seized by state

The Dorchester Reporter reports the state Department of Revenue has turned the volume down on Hi-Fi Pizza.



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What's up w the pizza industry

I thought these places printed money. Upper crust - closed. Bostone - closed. Hi Fi - closed. Romano's in Rozzie - should be closed - by the health dept.

No pizza places left inside of Huntington, Mass Ave and Arlington. What kind of neighborhood has no pizza in America? I think I have to move. Kinda like the old I wouldn't wanna be a member anywhere that would take me, I don't want to live in a neighborhood without a legit pizza place (and restaurants with pizza like Papa Razzi don't count). Then again, neither does Dominos.

I think the prepper dude is right - no pizza = the end of the world (for me anyway).

Gotta go out and get me an RV, a gun and some land with a nuclear missile silo in upstate NY.


Just used to walking less than 2 blocks for my pizza.

funny story - we called Bostone and they took our order. Went to pick it up and they were closed (as in permanently). Found out a couple days later they had sold their number to another pizzeria down by Berklee, but in the meantime we were left wondering who took our order (and they never called back to ask what happened to us). I thought maybe somebody got the number and was sick of people calling their house looking for pizza so they just were taking pizza orders and laughing while they were filming a youtube video of people showing up to a closed pizzeria. Probably would make a good candid camera routine.

They should do what Toscanini's did

1.Collect state tax from customers
2.Not pass tax on to state for DECADES.
3.Get shut down
4.Ask for donations to cover MONEY YOU STOLE.

We're not talking "taxes on the profits" - we're talking money that was never his in the first place!

Didja see the quote from

Didja see the quote from their FB page? “Now there is no good pizza places EVER ANYWHERE!! This makes me sad.” Has this person ever actually EATEN there? UGH.

But it really is the only pizza place around here and they always seemed pretty busy at night...