Outbound Fitchburg train hits car between Porter Square and Belmont: No injuries, just delays

Riders on the 5:40 train to Fitchburg tweeted their train came to a sudden stop in Cambridge after hitting a car at a crossing there. AsianKerr reported the conductor came on the PA not long after:

Sorry folks, we have struck a vehicle.

After getting the remains of the car out of the way and after the train engineer was interviewed by police, the train started back up around 6:24 p.m.



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I can't believe no one was injured!

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I drove by the scene on my way home -- it was at the crossing on Sherman St. The car was very crushed, so it's very fortunate no one was hurt. Now as to how the car came to be on the track when the train came through.....

Agreed, I drove by as well

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Agreed, I drove by as well and that car was severely mangled and about 15 yards down the tracks. This was in Cambridge, not Belmont (as stated above, at the Sherman street crossing).

I live in a building right

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I live in a building right next to the tracks that cross Sherman St..... When the traffic gets backed up on Sherman St (heading toward Rindge Ave), which often happens, people can find themselves sitting on top of the tracks for several minutes. I've seen it happen so many times. When the crossing signals start to go off and the bars about to lower, you can hear people from their cars yelling for the people infront or behind them to move so that can get off the tracks. It's pretty scary...and for that reason I make sure not to start to cross those tracks until I know I can actually make it all the way across.....Anyway, the driver was able to get out of her car in time, but I am sure she will be shaken up for a while!

JFC, folks

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People who pull into an intersection before it's clear there will be space for them to clear the other side are inconsiderate jerks, and, so long as they escape personal injury, they deserve to have their cars smushed by trains.

Ignore the illiterate screaming honking person behind you

Pulling on to the tracks before you can clear is not only inconsiderate, it is illegal.

Same as blocking an intersection that you cannot clear.

That jerk screaming and honking behind you, like all the jerks in West Meffuh that can't fathom this and think that you are just doing it to delay their ultraspecial and important patoots? They can stuff it in their ultraspecial backsides.

Or, better yet, THEY can get hit by the train. Maybe they'll live and learn.

Um, it's a whole lot worse

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Um, it's a whole lot worse than blocking an intersection.

For an intersection, cars on the other street would probably already be stopped when they get the green, so the blockage would be an inconvenience rather than a safety issue.

But at a railroad crossing, a train *can't* stop for you.

And someone else getting hit by the train is no solution, since it can injure or kill innocent bystanders.

This happened right next to our hose

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My husband saw this as he was walking home and was so freaked out he called me to see if I was alright even though he knew i was safely in Boston. I am glad that noon was hurt. From what he described, it looked bad