Beacon Street trolleys delayed on account of the tracks kind of being on fire

Track fire

Neville Williams took this photo of smoking Green Line tracks at Coolidge Corner around 12:40 p.m., around the time the T was issuing an alert about delays due to "fire department activity" in Coolidge Corner.



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Its those darn old switch

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Its those darn old switch heaters again.

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It's those darn speedy trolleys burnin' up the tracks agin.

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Back to the Future!

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OMG the trolley was going 88 mph and then it DISAPPEARED!

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Buckaroo Banzai!

"He's gone right into the side of the mountain!"

/oscillation overthruster, flux capacitor, same thing
//88mph versus Buckaroo Banzai's use of "88" everywhere, including the "HB88" license plate on the jet car
///the BTTF homages to BB don't end there

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Stop throwing your damn trash

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Stop throwing your damn trash on the tracks people!

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