Human remains wash up in Winthrop

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports:

State Police assigned to the Suffolk DA's office and Winthrop Police are investigating human remains that appear to have washed up on the shoreline across from Logan Airport. Once the scene has been processed by detectives and crime scene investigators, the remains will be transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for autopsy.

UPDATE: This just in from the DA's office:

Investigators have made a tentative identification of the remains found in Winthrop this evening. The ID will not be made public tonight. Based on what State and Winthrop police have learned through the past several hours, and based on the circumstances of the body's recovery, the death does not appear criminal in nature. Nonetheless, an autopsy is expected in the days to come and the investigation remains open.



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      Missing Gloucester fishhing boat crew?

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      Iirc, there were boat things that washed up in the Saugus River. Sad.

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      Did they ever find the

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      Did they ever find the remains of the guy that jumped off a bridge New Year's Eve or day ? Could his body have made it that far out ?

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