13-year-old shot in Roxbury; homicide unit summoned

UPDATE: John Zaremba reports the victim's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. NECN reports he was walking to choir practice at his church.

Stanley Staco reports the teen was shot in the stomach around 7:10 p.m. at Humboldt Avenue and Homestead Street.

The homicide unit is called in whenever a victim's condition is serious enough that there's a chance he could die.



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h-block going down

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Hmmm... I want everyone to look at the shootings in the past few months... Notice how a good amount within the h-block gang turf area (humboldt, holworthy, howland, homestead, etc.) see the map for ya self! There enemies are taking them down any and EVERY way. I'm not gonna say the rival gang responsible (hint its not heath st) but all I'm gonna say is this war is no joke. There will be many more shootings in this area throughout the year... The streets are no joke... N pls dnt respond with rude ignorant comments bc I know about these type of things. Trust me.... But I agree. Let's take back our streets!

Trust you? You're anonymous!

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You didn't sign in and yet you can't say anything more substantial than that? If you know something - say something! Otherwise you just sound like a troll looking for some vicarious glory.


If it ain't Heat, then it's probably either,OP, Mass Ave, Lenox, or one of those lil 5-10 person side street gangs. It don't matter what you say bruh. Boston Police know more about gangs in Boston than you think. Gangs or no gangs, shooting a kid that age is unforgivable. Also, I always thought critical was higher than serious. Learn something knew everyday. I hope the boy pulls through...

Blame the trash hip-hop music

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Blame the trash hip-hop music for making it cool to be an ignorant ass. One of the most popular names in hip-hop is Chief Keef who raps about nothing but killing and being stupid, and THIS is who young "urban" children look up too! Say what you want about the blame game, but it's a FACT young kids/teens in urban areas look up to their favorite rappers. Just ask them for yourself! But if you criticize their idols the first thing they'll tell you is "Well they're making money" and you're just a "hater" smh.

No. He has a point

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Back in the day...significantly back in the day...hip-hop was violent but it had a message of self improvement, a message of fight for your community against those who oppress it, it was much more political than it is now. Now it's about how much money you have, how many women you can sleep with, and how many people you killed before you got rich. Hip-hop isn't the main problem, but it isn't helping.

Rap Music

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Movies, Videgames, ect.

They're a reflection of our violent and stupid culture, not a cause of it. It's a mirror.

You want to blame something? Blame poverty, blame poor schools, blame lack of economic opportunities, and blame a black market that offers wages and riches with miniscule amounts of work compared to living a straight life.

Fix those things, and crime tends to melt away. We need to make it not worth it, and not an option. Jail ain't going to do that when someone is backed into a corner of society.


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Pray for the poor kid and his family.The following will happen.
1)A street shine will appear
2)The clergy will be outraged
3)The city council will have hearings that erupt into a shouting match
4)The police will be blamed and respond with ice cream trucks
5)Devall will not get involved because he wants to punch out Barney
6)Mayor Tom will announce squeegee men are the real problem
7)The Patriots will win and the media will ignore this story as they have ignored the story on the war in Eastie between MS-13 and innocent Puerto Ricans.

You forgot about the part

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You forgot about the part where Menino demands law abiding citizens give up their guns while career thugs with long histories of weapons charges still walk around with a few slaps on the wrist.

Oh please

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Take it back to Red State where anyone gives a damn. If more guns meant a safer society, then how come with 5% of the world's population but 50% of the world's guns, we aren't the safest place on earth, and in fact have the WORST gun violence in the developed world? Because your ideology is WRONG.

Time to deconstruct your pathetic strawman argument.

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1. The UK has vastly lower gun crime than the US, there KNIFE crime is a huge concern. KNIFE. KNIFE! Can you even imagine that here? Personally, I'd much rather we have a KNIFE problem than a GUN problem. Also, Europe in general has MUCH higher rates of, you know, REPORTING the crimes to the police. Hence higher crime rates. If you honestly believe you are safer in the United States than Europe, then YOU are the one with the ideology blinders on, not me.
2. Right wingers and gun nuts in general often have to reach for third world countries with gun restrictions to make their point. Places like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia etc. But we are NOT those countries! Instead, you SHOULD be comparing us to other FIRST world countries. Plus, no realistic proposal would ban things like handguns. Even if Obama and the Democrats wanted it (protip idiot, THEY DON'T) they know as a FACT it couldn't pass even the Senate, never mind the House. This is about banning high capacity clips and high powered rifles that no civilian fucking needs. Even the right wing former General McChyrstal says this is OUT OF CONTROL

Obama was right (I do not say that very often). You people cling to your irrelevant Middle Eastern fairy tale religions and your GUNS because you're scared of brown people moving into your neighborhood. I've had enough of you morons ruining this country. You scream about any gun control measures as "shredding the constitution" yet you were SILENT when Bush and now Obama shreds it FAR more with warrantless wiretaps, detention and executions of American citizens without a trial, and much more. But it's this illusion of the feds coming for MUH GUNS that sets you idiots off? This bizzarre dream you people hold that when the Federal gub'ment finally oversteps too much (which it already HAS) that you'll take your guns and fight back against them. THEY HAVE NUKES, TANKS AND FIGHTER JETS. They'd WIPE EVERY ONE OF YOU PEOPLE OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Violence against the largest, richest, most armed government the planet has ever seen would lead to nothing except DEATH. Remember Waco? Holy crap you people are just beyond reason at this point.

You also forgot

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The women in the neighborhood will organize a "Walk for Peace" that ends in a rally at a large park. They will fail to realize that walking does not stop young people from becoming crime victims as much as strict, involved parenting does.


Sounds like this latest young victim had some involved parenting.

Doesn't form a bullet-proof bubble, now does it?

Good guesses but its neither

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Good guesses but its neither of those hoods either.... Not op, mass ave or none of the above mentioned. It's an old rival that people ignore and don't think still exists! . But if u can't figure that out then I guess police don't know as much as they think. and to point out another fact. Notice how hblock area shootings, witnesses or neighbors in the neighborhood ALWAYS describe a gray vehicle. Hmmm... I don't know what happened personally with this situation but I can guarantee it was a case of........ contrary to popular belief not a 'mistaken identity' ... But having no regard of who you shot as long as it was someone from the area of your rival... This is a sick and inhuman mind frame that too many members of our society have. Like I said I know more than you think. If you don't believe me TRY ME! And I'm not finger pointing the possible gang responsible bc its not for me to discuss. But police keep ho the good work. I hope you find the scumbqgs!


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Boston police doesn't know shit! Cuz if they did know how Boston gangs work then they would know they are in over there heads for a reason. Yeah they may identify a handful of gangs and do raids. And act like they are tough on gang members. But little do you know hood niggaz from Boston have counter measures. Fthey know what police look for. Boston is lowkey. The major street gangs don't care about fame. They stay lowkey. Little atttention more money. And to top it off didn't the city just realize the amount of gangs the city has last year with at least 160 gangs. Box judges gangs like other cities that have bloodshed and crops and national gangs etc. Boston has these but Boston street, project, and homegrown neighborhood gangs will wipe these national gangs out. Don't believe me look how many drug raids in the city. How many have national affiliation? That's bc Boston has connections and move lowkey that you will never know how they really work. That's the whole purpose. Like I said trust me things are gonna get worse. Therapists gangs today are getting ready for war. Believe me! Old rivalries WILL reaurface at a deadly level.new gangs will be under attack by the established gangs. This will be bloody.

Gotta hit it where it hurts

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the wallet.

legalize the damn drugs, and tax it. Use the tax to offset the social ills it will cause at first. Make them cheap and decriminalized, and drive these assholes out of business.

They'll be working 50 hour weeks at Mc'D's in no time, because they won't be able to sit around playing video games and selling dope to the tune of $1000's a week. It's economics stupid. Business is business.