Oh, Sav-Mor, you always know just what to say

Sav-Mor on the return of the Bruins

Mike Cole at NESN shows that Sav-Mor Liquors in Somerville still has its finger on the zeitgeist.



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I love this place

The people working there are also very helpful and knowledgeable - and as much fun as one might expect from their signs.

They'll never top their April Fools Day joke, however.

I believe that store is in Medford, BTW ... I know the WholeBucks that they share the parking lot with is.

UPDATE: Address is 2153 Mystic Valley Pkwy
Medford, MA 02155

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Thanks, Ron

The boundaries in that area are very strange - has to do with how the course of the river has been changed and straightened over the years.

The businesses in that group all have Medford addresses, though. I wonder if that means they pay taxes to one city but are licensed by another? Stranger things have happened ...

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They have two locations. The

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They have two locations. The Somerville sign is a lot bigger, but it currently says the same thing as the Medford one.

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I know a lot of people who call that one "the Cambridge one" not realizing that there is one that actually *is* in Cambridge!

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