Man charged with dragging cop with his car fails to show up at arraignment

NelsonA Weymouth man who allegedly put a Boston cop in the hospital by dragging him with his car yesterday made bail yesterday, met his lawyer and a probation officer in court today and then skipped out before his case was called, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Dorchester District Court Judge Robert Baylor issued a bench warrant for Eric Nelson, 46, after he failed to answer when his name was called, the DA's office reports, adding Nelson made the initial $1,000 bail set after his arrest yesterday.

Police charge Nelson bought some heroin in a deal off Columbia Road around 11:40 a.m. yesterday and then, when stopped by police, sped away down Columbia - dragging a Boston officer with him. The officer was hospitalized with lung, spleen and back injuries, the DA's office says.

Police say they caught up with Nelson again at 37 Mt. Vernon St., where they arrested him on charges of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (the car), assault and battery on a police officer, failure to submit to a police officer, resisting arrest and possession of heroin.

Innocent, etc.



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      is the dealer?


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      Why are they arresting the junkie, not the dealer?

      Two Things

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      First, how do you know that they didn't arrest the dealer? Perhaps, since the dealer didn't assault the police officer it wasn't deemed as news.

      Second, maybe the point of the sting was to get the junkies. Is heroin sold in your town/neighborhood? Have you seen the poor overall quality of life that sales of hard drugs being to an area? If not, take a 10 minute walk from where the incident occured up Dorchester Avenue to Andrew Square. Then tell me you don't want junkies arrested.

      Look, I want the scumbag dealer sent away bad, but making it known that suburbanites shouldn't go to an area to buy drugs (and no, I don't live there, but I have family nearby) is something I think the BPD should do.

      Aside from this crap of ending the prohibition on drugs, attacking the use of an area as a drug market involves taking out BOTH the supply (dealers) and the demand (junkies.) Sorry if I'm not PC about it, but I don't have much love for heroin, oxy, crack or most other addicts. I want them to clean themselves up, and perhaps getting dragged through the courts could be what wakes them up.


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      damned suburbanites!

      White Rabbit is killing the suburbs

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      Heroin is to the suburbs what crack was to the inner city. It is turning suburban neighborhoods into zombieland.

      Let's see...

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      Weymouth cops go to his house to arrest him and he won't be there. His lawyer will show up at his next scheduled appearance to say he's now in rehab and can he get a continuance...

      $1000 bail?!!

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      The MA court system is so disgraceful. 1)Low bail set, 2)warrant issued, 3)arrested after committing another crime 4)return to #1 and start over

      $1000. bail?

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      Anybody question this? He caused havoc trying to escape, became physically confrontational, caused a cop to suffer legit and demonstrable injuries, and he's far from a first-timer. Just the fact that the guy alone was an obvious flight risk should have been enough for a high bail.

      And as another poster said, do most of you folks commenting know what it's like to live around druggies like this? Do you fully appreciate how they, along with dealers, destroy quality of life for the majority of folks living in these neighborhoods, the damage they cause in urban blight and decay, crime?