The North End's problem: Too many happy young people reports on the latest neighborhood meeting about excessive noise by all those blow-ins:

Sgt Lema added that he is "amazed at the droves of young professionals" walking through the North End. "They are a happy crowd that unfortunately are impacting the quality of life of others."



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    Some people are just douches

    I have a neighbour in my apartment building who is beyond fucking loud...during the day. Come night time, he turns his music way down, stops having loud ass parties, and is courteous. This to me is a great neighbour.

    Then there are the others, who I have had in the past. Party all night, don't care about anyone else at all...some neighbours just suck.

    Doesn't mean they're all bad though. If I lived in a loud area like the North End, I'd seriously look into some soundproofing. Not only does it keep noise out, it also keeps it in. Works for all parties involved (pun?).


    The same morons who moved to the North End because it was hip and happening are now complaining about people coming there because it's hip and happening?

    Or is it me?

    I doubt it....

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    Being a North End resident, it seems like it's usually the people who have lived there for 15-20yrs that are complaining. The same people who have seen the value of their homes skyrocket because of all the hip, happening things going on in the North End. The people who moved there because it was vibrant neighborhood (like myself) deal with the noise and realize it's the price you pay for living in the absolute heart of a "major" city.

    “We mostly see people that

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    “We mostly see people that are over-served from the bars they are coming from and walking back to the neighborhood,” said Captain Lee

    "Over-served" is apparently the new PC term for "got drunk".