It's nobody's problem but the Turks' - and one Northeastern associate dean's

The Huntington News reports the father of a student who'd just flunked out of school for the second time didn't take kindly to the news and called an associate dean to express his displeasure:

The dean reported the father said "in the future he will act as a terrorist toward the university."

The father lives in Turkey but is currently in Russia.

Also click the link to read about a student who followed her intuition and decided not to take up offer by the grungy "teacher's aide" to give her some one-on-one tutoring after class.



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    Someone flunked out of

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    Someone flunked out of Northeastern? How can that be? Did she not know how to party.


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    Lifetime ban, definitely.

    Because someone telling a newspaper reporter that someone's father made a nonspecific threatening statement, that ought to be more than enough for a summary proceeding. You can't just blindly believe what you read, though: your discernment needs to be good enough to understand that the thirdhand report of what the father said is absolutely true, but the secondhand report of the son's disavowal of it is entirely false.

    Sheesh, Who needs all this freakin obstructionist legal process standing in the way of what obviously needs to be done.

    You're a Big Man, Will

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    Don't tell me RPI rejected you too ... or Wentworth.

    Also, doing well in high school doesn't mean that you can manage all the distractions of college ... or even self-care basics.