Somebody at Boston Latin School said something really bad on social media

Bad enough for the headmaster to robocall parents tonight to urge them to talk to their kids about "inappropriate" messages on social media, although she didn't specify just how the offending message was inappropriate.



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Obvious obfuscation

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The oh-so-helpful robocall that we got was cut off about fifteen seconds in and then went into repeat so the incredibly vague message wasn't even completed. But yes--thanks BLS for telling us that uh, someone did something kind of bad on the Internet and its, uh, being taken care of. I feel so much better now. Almost as good as the call we got that time letting us know that there weren't vampires at the school.


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"Inappropriate" really covers a lot of ground. Give us something to work with here: Bullying? Threatening to blow up the school? Making jokes about the mayor?

Probably personal

Might be hard to separate the message from the target. You might not need to know so much about Student Z's purported sexual proclivities in order to talk to yer kids about Facebook sanitation, y'know?


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But in that case better to do a general message about social media, bullying, expectations, etc. than sending out something that incites curiosity! Like, WHAT VAMPIRES??

There is only so much the BPS

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should say publicly about something like this, and what they said was right: tell your kids to be careful what they say on facebook, twitter, etc., so they don't say something stupid in the wrong place that is sure to set off alarms and get them stuck in the center of a shit-storm (ok, I'm reading into the message a bit, but that's what I took from it).