Police: Officers forced to shoot lunging pit bull in Dorchester

Boston Police report officers responding to a fight involving somebody who might have had a gun found themselves confronted with an unleashed pit bull that refused to stop lunging at them.

Fearing for their safety, officers unholstered and engaged their department issued firearms to stop the dog.

Police say they had set up a perimeter around 34 Millett St. in Dorchester around 10:30 p.m. after receiving the call

As officers were walking along the side of the residence, officers observed an unleashed pit bull running towards them from the rear of the residence. Upon seeing the dog, officers immediately yelled, “Pit bull,” so as to alert all responding officers of the potential threat. With the dog aggressively pursuing the officers, the officers quickly retreated to the front of the residence. However, the dog refused to discontinue its pursuit. Once out front, the dog repeatedly lunged and charged at one of the officers.

Two officers suffered minor injuries from the dog attack, police say, adding that nobody with a gun was found in the house. Police did not say what the status of the dog was.



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      That the dog attacked an armed police officer who could shoot it, instead of an unarmed person.


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      Cause that dog was trying to turn his life around


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      When did the Herald's comments section leak over to here?