Keep your wallet close in Coolidge Corner

Trader Joe's suspects

Brookline Police have posted photos of two women they say are targeting other women in Coolidge Corner for some pickpocketing.

On Thursday, a woman had her credit card snatched at the Trader Joe's around 5:50 p.m. Just 19 minutes later, the two suspected thieves racked up more than $2,500 in purchases at the Watertown Target.

The next day, around 11:15, the two returned to Trader Joe's:

A second victim at same Trader Joe's reported that a female engaged her in conversation while a second female tried to pull her wallet from her bag. The victim took a picture of this suspect (in blue outfit).



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Well, yeah

if you're a thief, you go where the money is, if you can.

But, I watched a young guy with a strong Brooklyn accent, and his G.F. [?], pull a flim flam on a dollar store clerk in Somerville a few months ago. He ended up getting 2 free containers of laundry detergent and a 20 dollar bill. So it happens everywhere.

I tell women that all the time at both Trader Joe's

and Whole Foods. Most of the time it's some poor soul that thinks it's perfectly acceptable to walk away from their cart with their bag in the kid seat wide open! You know, because of the overall vibe,man.

Me: You should really keep your bag closed or at least take it out of the cart
Lady: Why? Are you a cop?
Me: No, I used to be a thief.
Lady: Thanks....I think.


on earth did it only take them 19 minutes at rush hour to get from the Coolidge Corner TJs to the Watertown Target, plus buy $2,500 in merchandise, and get rung up by a cashier? Did they use the Coolidge Corner Wormhole?e

It's 5:20 right now

And Google Maps is saying 17 minutes by car: Harvard Ave to Brighton Ave, right on Leo Birmingham Pkwy, left on Arsenal St. Dunno how accurate that is, but I suppose it's possible. GMaps claims 17 minutes by bicycle also.

Another Trader Joe's Parking Lot Scam

I need to warn everyone about another scam being perpetrated on the unwary at the Brookline Trader Joe's parking lot:

I was in there last Wednesday, and two very attractive women wearing Trader Joe's T-shirts offered to help me load my groceries into the car. They saw the Cambridge parking sticker on the car, said that they needed to get to the Mem. Drive Trader Joe's and asked for a lift. I agreed.

Oddly, they both got into the back seat. Enroute, they began kissing each other and carrying on, eventually taking off their uniform T-shirts. They asked me if I wanted to join them, so we pulled off onto a side street in Cambridgeport and had at it for a while. I then drove them to the Mem Drive Trader Joe's as they had asked.

After I dropped them off, I noticed that all the money had been taken from my wallet.

Amazingly, this same scam happened to me again, with these same two women, on Sunday. And it happened AGAIN on Tuesday afternoon. People, be really careful out there.