Woman with studded tongue, crooked teeth wanted for early morning South End home invasion

Police are looking for the woman and two male accomplices on charges they burst into a home at 98 W. Springfield St. around 2:30 a.m.

She's described as black or dark-skinned Hispanic, in her 30s, with a long tattoo on her left arm and a "rough" face. The two men were described as black, one in his 20s. One of them had a knife. They fled in an older white Olds or Buick.



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    Well, lets be honest here.

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    Well, lets be honest here. That's just BARELY the South End. A few more feet to the left across Mass Ave, and you're officially in the battle zone.

    Oh come on, that area isn't

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    Oh come on, that area isn't exactly a "battle zone". Chester Park was just fully renovated.

    And "barely the South End", when in Chester Park, on that same block, it the South End historical society.

    The South End extends all the way to Melnea Cass Blvd. You can't just call it the border because there's some projects back there a bit... There's projectors everywhere.

    Rough face

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    Read between the lines, people.