As temperature plunges, massive search for missing Dorchester kid

MissingUPDATE, 10:40 p.m. He called his mom from the KFC in Edward Everett Square in Dorchester. Police quickly found him; EMTs were called to take him to the hospital for evaluation.

Police officers from across the city are now combing Dorchester and Mattapan, looking for Leland Corning, a 12-year-old with Asperger's Syndrome who has been missing since 8:30 a.m. on Glenway Street.

Leland is 12, black, with freckles on his left side, and is about 5'5" and about 209 lbs. He was last seen wearing a red baseball cap, khaki fleece jacket, black pants and black boots. He does not like being touched.

If you see him, call B-3 detectives at District B-3 detectives at 617-343-4712 or 911.



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    Distance is about 1.6 miles

    If he walked from his home street to that KFC, it's about 1.9 miles and would take approximately 37 minutes. If he took the bus, he could get there within 16 minutes - the #16 stops just 0.3 miles from his house and goes straight to Everett Square.

    I wonder if he went straight there or stopped along the way.

    Honestly, I was a little

    Honestly, I was a little disappointed to not see this story (which as you pointed out has been breaking since 8:30 this morning across all media platforms) posted here sooner today. Usually stories like this either break here first or are among the first. Oh well, it's good that he was found safe.


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    209lb at 12 years old and 5'5"?

    Seriously? That's practically child abuse.

    Kid's going to end up with diabetes and a slew of other medical problems if someone doesn't step in.

    Not your business

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    I could explain that some people have medical conditions that require high doses of steroids, and that some people have metabolic syndromes.

    But you actually don't need such an explanation, because body policing and giving unsolicited parenting advice are just wrong regardless of anything else.

    Yes, my business

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    It is quite literally my business because I am on the hook to pay for this kids' lifetime medical expenses.

    Yes, we're all on the hook to pay his medical expenses

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    That's the way health insurance, HMOs, and public health work. They spread the cost of caring for people who are unlucky enough to get sick and need a lot of medical care to the rest of us, who are lucky enough not to get sick. And I'm delighted with that and happy to pay into it, and I believe in single-payer, even though, as someone fortunate to be in a position to pay lots of taxes, it isn't in my narrow short-term self interest.

    So please, don't accuse me of being "Mr. I did it all my self." Couldn't be further from the truth. But don't tell me I have no stake in someone else's childhood obesity, either.

    (And I'm *not* the one who complained about the kid being fat.)

    I don't know that your on the hook.....

    Unless you send me your W-2's, and this kids individual health coverage plan. You assume he is obese (and doesn't have some other medical problem), so can't I assume that you don't make enough money? I could be on the hook for you and all your hardships...or maybe that isn't any of my business either?

    And get a login name so people don't have to assume about you anymore.

    You are probably using a library computer (with my tax dollars!!) I assume you are anyway.

    I never said he was obese

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    I made no comment on his weight.

    My only point here is that we do, in fact, pay for each others' health costs. Period. Nothing about this kid, or obesity, or parenting,

    Yeah, I have a login ID but I forget how to use it. Lemme try to recxover the password.

    No it isn't and no you're not

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    Cry me a river, Mr. Pays His Own Way. Get off the road I helped pay for. Don't you dare think of ever dialing the 911 I helped pay for. I hope to God's sake you aren't wasting my money sending your kids to My public school. And where should I send the bill for my share of the armed forces that keep you from being overrun by godless Communists? I've decided I don't like you and want my money back.

    Quick--call the waaaahmbulance.

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    Poor anon is...I'm sorry--what was the problem exactly? You are "on the hook" you say?

    Yeah. Autistic spectrum kid wandering out in freezing temps, found safe and your first thought is "Eeeek--he's too fat?" you sound like a peach. Too bad he didn't just freeze to death and could've saved you some money. Like I'm sure this kids' parents don't have enough on their plate without monitoring his carb intake.

    Too many anons here

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    I'm not the anon who complained about him being fat. My first (and only) thought about the kid was "thank God he's safe. My only posting in this entire thread (other than this one) was to call out eeka for saying that "it's none of anyone else's business." In fact, if you take "business" to mean "things financial" then, in fact, everyone's health *is* everyone else's business, for better or for worse.

    You sound so certain of this prognosis

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    Care to present your professional credentials?

    Or are you anon because no credentialled professional would be so certain given an over-the-internet diagnosis and not terribly certain research?

    Eddie Everett

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    Still amused. Just saying.

    Glad he's safe, too. I walked about a half mile last night in the same area and it was C-O-L-D.