Irish nanny held after death of infant



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    Hate to play the ethnic card, but....

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    Would it be a different headline if she was from Sri Lanka? How about "Nanny held after death of infant"?

    I can't recall with certanity, but I cannot recall seeing a headline on UHub which says "Filipino drug dealer suspected in shooting."

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    Not the Irish part per se

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    More the foreign part in general. Remember Louise Woodward? So, yeah, if she were from Sri Lanka, I'd mention that.

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    Illegal immigrant

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    is acceptable. My parents were legal immigrants. I have no sympathy for her. She should have been rounded up and deported back home a long time ago. She obviously also is committing fraud in getting jobs. She was in no danger of being persecuted by being deported back to Ireland. In fact, I bet she came to America because she has baggage back home and needed to get out of Dodge.

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