Fight erupts over space saving - on Citizens Connect

Well, I'm not the only person who browses citizen complaints. Yesterday, somebody complained about how people were putting out crap to save their parking spaces in snowfall that required a microscope to measure its depth and said it was all Menino's fault. Another citizen replied:

The person who posted this complaint sounds like an uneducated moron. Menino's health issues have nothing to with the complaint filed, our mayor has always done a great job running this city & still is.



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Have you visited that site?

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It's not for people from Southie,and Southie people do not read it. It caters to the Yuppies and all the beautiful people. You obviously can't read.

I love #5!!

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"After the 48 hrs is up, the city will pick up any space savers still 
left out. Seize this opportunity to get rid of anything lying around your 
house you want to get rid of i.e. radiators, foosball tables, mattresses, old televisions, whatever you want to get rid of. Just put it in your space and the city will haul it off."

Too bad the city doesn't pick up space savers in my neighborhood or West Roxbury. I need to get rid of a couple of tires.

So Meta

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I think we just witnessed citizens connect inception.

very interesting...

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to me the only uneducated moron in this post is whoever commented that Menino "has always done a great job running this city & still is." You must be mentally challenged, or just plain silly... or you work for the BRA. Varitek the field goal kicker, KJ, Hondo, Wilcott and of course Gonk would all agree with me.

You're so right! Boston

You're so right! Boston hasn't proposed at all under Menino. Oh wait, just read something other than the Herald, turns out it has.