Man sought for gay bashing at Ashmont station

Wanted man

Transit Police report they are looking for this guy for an incident around 9:45 p.m. on Dec. 16 at the Ashmont Red Line station, in which he allegedly kicked a man and then called him a homophobic slur.

Police say he's about 5'10" with a dark beard and 25-30 years old.

If you know him, contact T police at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous tip via the SeeSay app or by text to 873873.



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The victim,

Was he, in fact, a homosexual? If not, I believe assaulting a straight person, and calling them a homophobic slur isn't necessarily gay-bashing.


it is a hate crime regardless of what the victim wants to identify his sexuality as. And the victim does not need to identify that.

Jeeze, kind of the whole point of the law.


This seems like a law that could pose some problems.
For instance, are we saying that in an altercation between two black people, if one calls the other a "racial slur", one of them can thus be charged with a hate crime? Would that really make sense, or jibe with the original intent of the law? I thought the point of the law was to punish with particular severity the uniquely loathsome crime of targeting someone for harassment or violence because of their membership in a protected class, not to increase penalties for the kind of haphazard insulting language often tossed around during fistfights.

'Protected Class'

By on opposed to what? An un-protected class? The whole concept of a special 'protected class' in a society that otherwise is supposed to be about equality, is a problem for many people, Dan. I belong to an 'un-protected' class, so I guess it's open season on me and people like me?

An assault is an assault is an assault. Period. People don't generally assault someone because they like them, no matter the victims 'orientation'. An assault on a gay person or other 'protected class' should be treated the same way as an assault on me would be treated. That sounds logical and fair, at least to me. I might make an exception for elderly people and young children, and other genuinely vulnerable people such as those who're mentally challenged, blind, deaf, genuinely disabled in some way. I don't think a non-disabled, grown adult 'protected class' individual is entitled to any greater consideration under the law than I am entitled to.

And this is why we have protected classes

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Because, as you've so kindly illustrated, people who don't belong to one really don't realize or believe that there's active hatred out there directed toward members of these classes.

Oh bull...

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ANYONE, even those who belong to a non-protected class, can AND ARE victims of violence and crime directed at them because the perp doesn't like the 'class' they belong to.

Swirly Girl

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..many people make nuanced comments. This is especially true because in our P.C. obsessed world it often isn't possible to speak clearly. You in this instance are being very literal, or black and white as it were. I think the poster is saying an assault is an assault,period; and perhaps the poster is asking why are some people [or I should say groups] treated more than equally by the law? Is a person who is assaulted because his/her attacker just didn't like the clothes they were wearing less worthy of than a gay person or [fill in the blank] who're are assaulted [ostensibly] because they're gay or [fill in the blank], or perceived to be in the case of gays?

first off: "P.C. obsessed

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first off: "P.C. obsessed world" lol. this discredits everything you have to say, but I'm going to pretend it doesn't for a bit.

The reason for hate crimes laws is because, unlike random things like a person attacked for a color of their shirt (leaving aside things like gangs, which is not within the scope of this discussion), hatred against minority groups has a long standing pattern. Violence against people belonging to minority groups has a history of causing the police to look the other way. Newsflash: this still happens. Everywhere. It is a ridiculously new phenomenon that authorities as a group care about gay bashing, and they had to be pulled kicking and screaming into it. Some dude that got neat up because some other guy didn't like the baseball team on his cap has a reasonably good chance of being taken seriously by the police, and always has (well, assuming he was white).

And otherwise the intention of the laws is to combat against the normalizing affect that violence and slurs can have on the hatred of said groups.

and this is why stupid comments like "P.C. obsessed world" and "more than equally by the law" show that, at best, you have no idea what you are talking about.

I have a brilliant idea.

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I have a brilliant idea. Instead of punishing crimes based on the color of the victim's skin or sexual preference, we punish them based on the type and severity of the actual crime. Isn't that what equality is? The very fact that anyone thinks assault is worse against anyone other than a white male is pretty damn prejudice to begin with.

The very fact that anyone

The very fact that anyone thinks assault is worse against anyone other than a white male

The fact that you don't seem to actually know anything about the law you're criticizing tends to undermine your argument.

Straight Bashing

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They are equal opportunity bashers on the Red Line.

I can do that!

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That's one of my few skills! It's so rare for it to be in demand! But Ashmont Station is too far away, so forget it, I'll just stay on SSDI until something closer opens up.