Death of an owl in Rockport

Good Morning Gloucester posts a nice photo of a snowy owl, with a sad coda:

I took this photo yesterday in Rockport – Magnificent creature! By this morning, he had died in the same place – just tragic! The Animal Control Officer who came to collect him said often owls ingest rodents that have been poisoned – please ask your readers to re-think using poison.



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    Banning cats

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    Ban cats, rodents are poisoned instead.

    Poisoned rodents kill raptors.

    but ... but ... CATS KILL BIRDS ... but ... norman coordinate ... but ....

    swirlygrrl, why do you hijack

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    swirlygrrl, why do you hijack every thread?? Banning cats? What are you ranting about? If you have a point to clarify, please do. We don't all live inside your head.

    Owls are amazing creatures. Saw a snowy owl 2 years ago. Hopefully this incident will make a difference.


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    The point of having comments on posts is to let people comment. It's not like she started talking about, oh, home births here. That would be hiacking.

    Maybe not a hijack, but I

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    Maybe not a hijack, but I will say that the breadth of topics you profess expertise on makes me doubt your expertise on any at all....

    Also for the record, this is a different anon here, but I'm an avid & longtime UH reader who chooses to remain anonymous

    You sure?

    This is a post about an owl after all ... not a convenient place to put your off-topic inadequacies or start an off-topic, ad-hominem pile-on, no?

    Back to mourning our poor avian friend - and remembering to not indiscriminately and carelessly use rodent poison.