Four teens arrested for knifepoint robbery near Shawmut T stop

Boston Police report arresting a 17-year-old, two 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old on charges they surrounded a couple of people at Dayton and Nixon streets around 4:10 p.m. yesterday and made off with an iPad, a wallet, a camera and various other items.

Police say the 14-year-old had the knife and that when officers attempted to arrest him after seeing the knife sticking out of his left front pocket, "a violent struggle ensued."

Alexis Bourne, 17, of Dorchester, was charged with armed assault and battery and receiving stolen goods. The three other teens were not named because of their age.

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Shawmut and Fields Corner

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After reading the comments about the brawl at Park Plaza aren't Asians being targeted in these neighborhoods for robberies and beatdowns

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But not by 3 White guys! So please explain your reference and its relevance to the fight.

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This is my

train station. I've seen people get robbed at Shawmut. I saw an older gentleman get pushed up against a wall, and a gun in his face, when I was like 15. I was almost robbed over there when I was in High School. Some yungins tried to rob my dad a week ago, probably the same kids. Robberies always happen over there. Just be vigilant when it gets dark.

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Shawmut has always been a

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Shawmut has always been a lowkey bad spot so to speak. I hear lots of robberies over there and back in highschool couple oats was always talking about gettin robbed at shawmut cuz they would wait at the station or nearby. But I'm from fields corner. And there's different sides. Geneva ave side ill just get robbed shot or killed. Just like that. But Dorchester ave side where whites n asians be they get robbed for they valuables cuz they got em... Get robbed then bring it back to Geneva side . Just how it goes

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