See: The Green Line isn't always slow

Armando Sajous captured a trolley speeding down the turnpike near Springfield, on its way to a New York facility for an overhaul.

Bet you didn't know Green Line trolleys can do 65.

Via Boston Reddit.



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      Love it.

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      In the left lane, no less.

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      This trailer truck may be a

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      This trailer truck may be a wide load and seems to have an escort from the pace car that was steadily in front of it with roof lights flashing. Please excuse it traveling in the passing lane.

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      Not quite

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      On an Interstate with only two lanes in each direction, like the MassPike west of Sturbridge, the right lane is for travel and the left lane is for passing.

      From the Mass General Laws - Chapter 89 (Law Of The Road):

      Section 4B. Upon all ways the driver of a vehicle shall drive in the lane nearest the right side of the way when such lane is available for travel (emphasis added), except when overtaking another vehicle or when preparing for a left turn. When the right lane has been constructed or designated for purposes other than ordinary travel, a driver shall drive his vehicle in the lane adjacent to the right lane except when overtaking another vehicle or when preparing for a left or right turn; provided, however, that a driver may drive his vehicle in such right lane if signs have been erected by the department of highways permitting the use of such lane.

      Section 4C. On any highway with more than one passing lane in the same direction (emphasis added), heavy commercial vehicles, except buses, shall be restricted in ordinary operation to the right-hand travel lane, and in overtaking and passing shall be restricted to the next adjacent passing or travel lane, and shall not use any other lanes except in an emergency. For the purpose of this section, heavy commercial vehicles shall be defined as those in excess of two and one half tons used for transportation of goods, wares, and merchandise.

      Of course, that's not to say that truckers ignore these rules (I see it all the time), but that's another matter.

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      I would NOT be driving that close to a flat bed with a green line trolly on it. I don't care how secure it is, I'd be afraid of it tipping over on me.

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      With all the liability of carrying a trolley worth 100s of 1000s

      I'd honestly be less worried about that than some Mom 'n Pop car transport company losing someone's car.

      And, let's be honest, this time of year, the biggest threat on the roadways is idiots right after a snowstorm who clear the front windshield, climb in and go.

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      So we can spend a ginormous amount of money to fund an underused facility when NYC has a lot more trains and we can just piggyback on their investment?

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