Cambridge bookstore tries online fundraising to stave off eviction


Cambridge bookstore - needs a better idea

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I've bought books from Lorem Ipsum and hope it will stay open. But I don't see how the business plan makes any sense.

Essentially, the owners want to us to pay their back rent and say they'll be okay in the future because they'll start a Netflix-like system where folks can borrow books from their private library.

But there are three branches of the Cambridge Public Library within less than a mile* of Lorem Ipsum, all of which have a LOT more books and all of whom lend them out for free. Wouldn't we be better served by giving CPL's book fund the $29,000 that the store wants?

*(Per Google's walking maps, if you go out the store's front door and turn left, there's a CPL branch a half mile away. Turn right at the door instead of left and the CPL's main library is 0.8 miles away. Or head down Prospect Street at the Central Square branch is 0.9 miles away.)


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And I'm sorry, but if your various business plans haven't panned out after 10 years, maybe this isn't the niche for you. Some things aren't worth saving, as cool as they might be.

You owe $23K in back rent...of course the landlord is getting restless. You're lucky he let you slide that long. That's a lot of money to be out.

Raven Used Books will buy,

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Raven Used Books will buy, but they're a little more specialized. No mass market things like Dan Brown.

Meh, always empty

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Every time I've been in there, it's been chock full of new-agey garbage, and a ghost town.

Stock real books - not crap about chakras and crystals. There are plenty of bookstores in the area with lots of foot traffic and business.