Wonder if it's a donut shop

Wicked Local Cambridge reports that every week for the past six months or so, a naked guy had driven up to a drive-thru on Concord Avenue and placed an order. The report does not specify the name of the establishment; the street has both a Dunkin' Donuts and a Burger King.

Meanwhile, up in Burlington, police responded to the Burlington Mall today on a report a man was selling drugs - out of a Dumpster near Nordstrom. Alert Burlington reports police didn't appear to find any evidence of drug dealing, but they sent Oscar on his way.



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    If it's donuts, he must only be ordering one at a time. It's still a bit nippy out.

    Whopper of a story

    Are you sure it isn't the Burger King across Concord Ave from Fresh Pond? BK's website says that it has a drive-thru window.

    restaurant hours could be a clue

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    Is the Burger King open at 4:30 AM? According to the story many visits have taken place at that hour.

    I don't know about this specific Dunkin Donuts, but I know many of them are open at that hour (some all night).

    Why now?

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    The guy has been doing this for six months, and only now has someone decided to be offended?

    Grow up, people.