Where can a fella get a construction helmet in this town?

WCVB's Rhondella Richardson tweets an 80-lb. chunk of concrete fell from the Charlesgate bridge this afternoon. State officials say the bridge is OK to drive on; no word on whether it's OK to walk under.

This comes on the same day a ceiling collapsed at downtown health club and concrete plunged from ceiling of Forest Hills commuter-rail stop.



A few weeks ago, a chunk of

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A few weeks ago, a chunk of concrete fell from the ceiling of the Central T station. Should we tear that down as well?

Apples and oranges

There's a groundswell of community voices calling for this overpass to be torn down and let the surface streets suffice - much like will be done with the arborway overpass. Underneath this overpass it's dark, nothing grows, and is a great place for homeless and others to encamp.

My comment of tear it down 'already' has to do with the fact that your government, rather than hold hearings about the overpass now, will spend 10 million of your tax dollars to perform 'emergency' repairs, and then decide whether or not to tear it down later.

So do you want to tear it down now? Or spend 10 million of your money and tear it down later?


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Melting ice and freezing-thawing of buildings make it more likely that weakened areas will just give out.