Father of garage brawl victim: Fight started over horn honking

WBZ interviewed the father of one of the men pummeled in a videoed fight in the Transportation Building garage:

The fight started over beeping horns in the parking lot gridlock. Gary says, "Someone beeped a horn, next thing you know they got 27 guys beating them and they're in fear for their lives."



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The video should be good

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The video should be good enough to identify and arrest some of the participants in this attack.


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BPD sets up DUI checkpoints right outside the exits of the lots and garages where clubbers park. Not only does the city cash in, but the louts get locked up. Win, win.

Does that happen in

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Does that happen in Massachusetts, and is it allowed? I've never heard of prove-you're-sober checkpoints around here.

I live West of Boston and see

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I live West of Boston and see sobriety checkpoints on Route 9 and Nonantum Road all the time. It's an even better idea to set them up outside parking garages in the city though.

Ya thats a GREAT IDEA!

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Or maybe i just leave my car in the garage once i notice a checkpoint at the exit. I bet they would make HUNDREDS of arrests nightly.


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Until i go smoke a bone and come back in an hr once there gone. Hopefully the beers in my trunk are still cold ;)mmmm

The Video

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provides a Lic Plate number for the black Accord, which two of the participants got into. The plate is registered to a 52 yr old Asian man on Pleasant st in Dorchester.


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I'm genuinely curious - how did you come by this information?

There are 2 ways: 1) He's a

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There are 2 ways:
1) He's a cop or has a good cop friend who can look it up for him.
2) This information is available on the internet via paid subscription (for private investigators and people who just don't have anything better to do than to stalk others).


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but nice try! I give you credit!

I agree. He's just being

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I agree. He's just being annoying now, but as someone else mentioned he might work for the RMV. Back in the old days before privacy laws you could go to the RMV and pay a few bucks to have them perform the search for you. I don't believe there is any legal way to do this anymore. You have to be "connected"


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All of those losers decided to deactivate their Facebook pages. Cowards. Nothing is ever erased on the internet. If throwing a punch and running away and letting the next person do the same is called manly, then I might as well walk into the wall.


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Remember all those "rioters" vandalizing shit in front of running cameras in Vancouver?

Many were never prosecuted - because the social penalties for their stupidity were much worse than anything the law could hand them. Some had their parents throw them out of the house, most lost their jobs, some lost their apartment leases, etc.

Consequences are a bitch, eh?

I know I'm wrong

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But either cell phone cameras have gotten way better, or this video looked totally staged.

I just find it funny how the video is so crisp, so clear.. I know cell phones can take HD movies now but they still look like crap. Plus really.. someone took out the camera phone that quick?

AND then have it show on some hiphop website the next day... this really sounds staged to me.

probably not phone but a handheld

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Even though the quality of the best current smartphones (eg iphone4s, nokia 808, galaxy s3) is up to the level of the video in question, the rapid pan and zooming in the clip (plus the obvious post-production fades), make me think this was probably shot by someone who brought an actual vidcam with them to take clubbing video.

Maybe something as small as a flip ultra, but given how well it does in the low light environment of a parking garage and the quality of the auto stabilizing, possibly something more traditional like a small Sony or Panasonic HD handycam.

I'm dubious that this was a set-up for several reasons:
- so many people were present, if setup someone would have gossipped;
- the cameraman hung waaay back from the action, and missed plenty of "good" shot opportunities;
- he took such clear video of the faces of people that the police will probably be charging some with assault based on that video evidence.

I think this vid is the work a well-gadgeted young entrepenuer who saw an opportunity to document an after-club 'event' and took it.

Not going to lie

If somebody blew their horn at me in a parking garage line for no reason, I would want to hit them too. If this applies to the beating victims here, I just lost some sympathy for them.

Would I want to?

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Would I actually get out and do it?? Not bloody likely, unless the honking was accompanied by someone getting out and fucking with me or my car.

Also? I would... Not me and 26 of my friends. That's just overkill.

Toot Toot

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In this day and age, people are so busy texting and chatting on their cell phones, it's like driving is secondary. I probably would have honked too. Some times you have to honk, to get careless drivers to pay attention. It's no reason for violence.

Tonight, someone behind me leaned on their horn at a trffc lght

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Earlier this evening, someone right behind me leaned on their horn at a traffic light when I stopped to let a rescue truck through, despite the light's being green. Too bad for the driver behind me if he was ticked off about that! I wasn't going to violate the law and risk getting into an accident by not letting an emergency vehicle go through!


If you as a driver have a problem with that, go prick yourself with a dirty needle and drop dead already.


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I don't know where you learned to drive, Will LaTulippe, but one of the first things I learned while on my learner's permit was that at an intersection, when there's any kind of an emergency vehicle (i. e. ambulance, fire truck, police car), that they have priority and have to be allowed through, whether you, as a driver, has a green light or not.

If you failed to let an ambulance or any other emergency vehicle through the intersection and you got into an accident, ;you would not have a leg to stand on. Get the drift?


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He was agreeing with you silly person who doesn't create a log in.

Well said, Andrew.

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Even n that instance, however, a polite tap of the horn, rather than leaning wholesale on it, would be in order.

If somebody blew their horn

If somebody blew their horn at me in a parking garage line for no reason, I would want to hit them too.

But instead, you'd sit in your car 'telling' them all the things you were going to do to them, and praying they wouldn't notice you.

that it started because one

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that it started because one side beeped a horn and nothing else is not a fact. just one side's story.

Guy who spits on a girl should expect to have to defend himself

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The only thing childish is the spitting, if in fact it occurred. And like a child, a punk who spits on a girl needs to be shown that there are real and dire consequences to such appalling behavior.

(I'm not saying 27 guys need to beat on him, but he needs a punch in the head, at the least.)


They're the only ones who piss me off by blowing their horns.


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In fact, already I'm so lonesome I could cry.