Blue Line mystery photo

Blue Line mystery photo

The T wonders if you can figure out where this photo was taken.



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Yeah, I think it looks most

Yeah, I think it looks most like old Wood Island, especially because of those columns and that white looking brick. But this looks like too new a photo to be the old station, since renovations were ~2000, right? I still think it's Orient Heights yard, though. If you look on Google Maps, you can see the large housings in the background.

State Street

I'm going to guess State Street... it was in this state of concrete and exposed piping for much of its renovation. Also, this is underground and the only stations underground are Bowdoin; Government Center (which has a center platform and this does not appear to be one); State; Aquarium (no-way is this Aquarium); Maverick.

Actually, it looks neither

Actually, it looks neither above or below ground. It just looks like an old station, but definitely not state. Too narrow of an entry to the tube for it to be. Plus, depending on which direction you're going, there is a huge curve and highly lit tracks.