Dorchester men arrested for stabbing/robbery of BU postdoc in Brookline

Brookline Police report arresting two Boston men on charges they held up and stabbed a man walking down Pleasant Street with his iPad on Tuesday.

Wallace Vick, 19, and Shaqone Cazeau, 20, will be arraigned tomorrow in Brookline District Court on charges of armed robbery while masked and armed assault with intent to murder.

Innocent, etc.





I like how it says "Vick and Street are being charged..." instead of "Vick and Cazeau are being charged..."


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Hope Brookline judges are a bit more reasonable than their Boston colleagues and those two thugs don't get judgedouganed with $500 bail and six month probation (assuming they show up.)

Maybe the judge will show

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Maybe the judge will show mercy since rhey look so innocent. How much time u think this crime would be? 2 years? Need to know so I can b ready for when these homies are back on Boston streets so I can relocate.. Robbers always justify their mugging ways as "gotta do what I gotta do to feed family and survive", but what is their mentality once they are sent to jail? I bet their parents are saying their precious children didn't do this.. How does bpd catch these guys? They actually do a decent job making arrests

Usual Suspects

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After reviewing security cameras there and locating footage of the two men they believed to be the suspects, Brookline Police contacted Boston school police and probation officers, who made an initial identification.

Gee, I wonder why these officials were familiar with these young men, innocent and young and clean as they are?

Sounds like the old "known to authorities" to me.

Remember the

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3 Brighton High kid robbing people in the Fall? Brighton High is producing some wonderful students.