Not much call for lemonade in the winter, so JP kid sets up hot-cocoa stand to raise money for the zoo

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports he's earned $500 for the Franklin Park Zoo so far.

High Holy Days at Nehard Shalom Community Synagogue



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      Someone should send this story over to that kid who tagged a house and then refused to pay for damages claiming a 12 year old can't work. Seems like this kid is doing just fine with his sweet gig.

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      Does he have permits?

      If not, how long will this continue before someone shuts him down?

      Happens all the time with lemonade stands.

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      Maybe the detectives who bust

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      Maybe the detectives who bust balls at the bars for "improper method of dispensing" (or whatever that bullshit was) will make a collar on the no permit issue. Glad the city is spending our money in the right places.

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      That sad little zoo

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      needs all the money it can get. Poor animals!

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