Fun with toy Green Line trains



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Mine don't work last week

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It didn't say anything on the box but I was told that they don't work real well when it gets really cold.

at least... got yours! I got an empty box with a note that said mine had been sent to Boston College and there would be another box coming directly behind this one.

I just keep..

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I just keep getting ones in the mail that say "North Station" or "Gov't Center" when I ordered a Lechmere one..

Rt. 16 Playset

First they said it would be coming by the end of the year, then delayed indefinitely, and now back ordered into the third millenium or something.

The power shuts down

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The power in my apartment shuts down every time I go to move this toy. I need to go into the basement and reset all my circuit breakers over and over again. WHATS UP WITH THAT?!

count your blessings

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I actually got mine up and running but the overhead wire caught on fire and almost burned my house down.

I wonder if they'll be able

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I wonder if they'll be able to couple with the Type 8 toy... if that one ever comes out :)

Times are so tough that I

Times are so tough that I can't afford one of those trollies, but I think I'll take out a loan and build a new track system in my basement.