Guy wants to revive Jordan Marsh - as a chain of mall kiosks

The Boston Business Journal reports - with a bonus slideshow of photos from the actual Jordan Marsh in its pre-Macy's heyday.

Kathy C tweets:

Better sell Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins too.



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Anyone who wants the REAL muffins

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will need to consult Ken, the owner of the Coffee Shack in Green Harbor and Pembroke. His family, who also owned the Steaming Kettle next to Center Plaza and City Hall, were the bakers of the real thing and provided them to Jordan Marsh. The bad news is that he claims the original ingredients make the real thing prohibitively expensive today for anything but a super-premium clientele.

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Cocaine? Gold leaf?

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Has he seen how much Charbux is getting for a half-stale muffin or brownie? At $2.50 a piece, that's about $30 retail for a single standard batch - way less than they're charging at their place in Marshfield (that is the same family, right?)

Btw, their donuts are a buck each and are heavenly.

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Jordan Marsh made the recipe

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Jordan Marsh made the recipe public. I got it from the Confidential Chat section of the Globe many many years ago.

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This kind of 'tribute' would backfire, methinks

Maybe I've missed something important by not reading the whole article (which is unfortunately behind the BBJ paywall). But if I had fond and loyal memories of shopping at Jordan Marsh or Filene's, I'd find mall kiosks with those names to be tacky and insulting, and would never buy anything at one.

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Can any lawyers comment on how likely this guy will succeed? Given the brand is still fresh in the minds of people, I have a hard time imagining they will succeed.

An example is the Bugatti brand. According to Wikipedia the company folded in in 1952. Meanwhile in the late 80s the brand changed hands a few times. I have to imagine if they had to pay for the brand after so many years, this guy would certainly have to pay to use it after only a decade or so.

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