Kendall Square gets a psychologist

Cambridge Day reports a local psychologist was seeing so much of his business come from Cambridge's tech corner that he decided to set up shop there. Although he already had offices in Harvard and Central squares, "people were kind of stressed out about taking the time off work" to travel the next stop or two on the Red Line.


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Explains a lot about many of the people in Kendall Square neighborhood. I thought it was just my imagination.

This is the life we've chosen

If you're not putting in 45 hour weeks in my group, you're *way* under-performing. 50+ isn't unusual, especially when one is on-call or doing releases. I can't imagine it's much different at other tech companies around Kendall, especially for Ops/SRE types.

Besides, if I slowed down to enjoy life, I'd realize how miserable I really am. :P

You people are really

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You people are really reaching for something to make fun of here. If you have an hour long appointment every week, and an hour long break, and you have to walk even a block to and from the T, then you're probably using a half hour of personal or vacation time a week. So 26 hours off the job a year. Not to mention the fact that you'll probably end up having to explain why you take a long lunch every week.

Jetson? You're firrrrred!!!

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How dare they take some time off to see a psychologist! Who do they think they are, actually using their vacation time! Outrageous! Mental health be damned!! Work/life balance? Get back to work!!!