Dorchester paper hires ombudsman to review coverage of Senate race involving owner's wife

The Dorchester Reporter has hired an outside editor to keep tabs of its coverage of the 1st Suffolk Senate race of Linda Dorcena Forry, whose husband, Bill, is publisher of the paper and the Boston Haitian Reporter and Mattapan Reporter.

Michael Jonas, executive editor of CommonWealth magazine, and a long-time Dorchester resident, will review the paper's coverage of her race this spring to replace recently resigned state Sen. Jack Hart.

[Jonas] will be reviewing the Reporter newspapers' coverage of the campaign for the First Suffolk State Senate seat, receiving and exploring reader feedback, and publishing his findings in a regular column and online at



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I'd settle for a primary election

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where I'm not forced to declare a party affiliation in order to exercise my constitutional right to cast a ballot for the candidate(s) of my choice.

Single ballot with all choices (including "none of the above" box) on it. Let us choose based on the candidate's qualifications, not the party.

Ombudsman? Readers will sleep easier

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I'm sure those who rely on the Dorchester Reporter, Mattapan Reporter and Haitian Reporter for their political news will sleep easier now that there's an Ombudsman on the job. Ha!

Peaking of ombudsmen

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I had a teacher in college years ago who was obsessed with the position of the "ombudsman". I'm still not exactly sure what one does.


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is certainly a smug response.

How about some full disclosure?

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Adam, given that you do/have done some work for the Reporter, are you going to hire an ombudsman to review your coverage of the ombudsman's review of the Reporter?