Another Boston headmaster in legal trouble

The Globe reports that Queon Jackson, acting headmaster at Madison Park High School, was suspended after school officials learned the feds are investigating his alleged role in a credit-card fraud ring. The Globe reports he admitted to sufficient facts for a guilty finding in a drug and domestic-violence case in 2000. Superintendent Carol Johnson appointed him in September.

Last year, O'Bryant Headmaster Rodney Jackson quit his job after news surfaced he was on probation for punching and kicking his wife.

Innocent, etc.



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    Madison Park represent!

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    My 'assigned' school for one miserable year of my life. Yes, I really attended MP for 1 year, and yes I'm being sarcastic.

    The place is built and designed literally like a prison. And with good reason. How many more generations of human being's lives are going to be severely adversely affected by the malfeasance, Incompetence, politics, and political correctness of city hall, the mayor, the council, the school committee, the teachers, the teacher's union, etc.,? How much longer is this charade going to continue?

    for as long as busing is

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    for as long as busing is considered an answer to the problems that exist in Boston and its schools. Is there any politician with balls enough to say "enough"?


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    Busing was the last resort when the Boston School Committee refused to reform the system to ensure all students had access to the same quality of education, textbooks and supplies.

    Not only is the school

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    Not only is the school designed like a prison but, as if the inner belt expressway demolition wasn't bad enough, it obliterated a good portion of Lower Roxbury!

    We are from the government and here to help -my ass!

    Could you provide some

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    Could you provide some specific suggestions for improvements, besides "get rid of the incompetence"?


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    I met Mr. Jackson during my son junior year at Madison Park High School. Mr. Jackson has always been very respectful and supportive towards me and my son. So reading things like this upset me very much. Mr. Jackson is one of the few left in the urban community who actually cares and supports our young children. Mr. Jackson has always been a great leader and instead of punishing our kids he takes the time to hear them out and find other solutions to handle situations rather than turning his back on our children or expelling them and leaving them to another High School drop out or another loss child to the streets.

    During my son junior year we suffered a great lost of his stepbrother due to mistaken identity street violence. He was only 13 years old when he was shot in the streets of Boston. My son was going through many behavior changes due to this incident and he felt that his only way to handle it was to act out. He would skip classes, leave early, didn't do his homework and constantly in trouble with his school teachers. Which meant me spending allot of time at Madison. There were times when the school officials and other administrative parties continuously tried to have my son expelled or switch to a different school. “Supposedly they wanted to send him to a school that he will feel more comfortable at... Yeah Right!! What they were trying to do was watch there hands free from my son “who they consider trouble! But Mr. Jackson refused to let this happened. He continued supporting my son and working with him during school hours. Mr. Jackson understanding and support help my son tremendous. My son began to work hard and started going to school and turning in his home work in. And most of all getting to class on time. My son is now a 2012 Madison Graduate Thanks to the hard work and understanding of Mr. Jackson and not to mention me his mom  and my son will.

    So whatever Mr. Jackson did in his past should be left in the past and should not be used against him. Most of all when there were no conclusive findings. As a parent and a citizen of the Urban Community I feel that it will be a Huge mistake to take away such a wonderful professional leader and human being that we soooooo desperately need in our community to support our trouble youth. If you ask me we need a few more faculty members and Administrative employers like Mr. Jackson who actually care about our children and want to see them succeed. Thank You, Mr. Jackson…

    Prime time silva

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    The tweets are interesting the kids are blaming the boston police and prime time says the principal was sprayed by the cops at Dudley can anyone translate.

    This is headline material,

    This is headline material, but the school itself has far bigger problems. Madison Park has been a toilet for years. As Vo-Tech schools around the state have shown successes, Madison Park has wallowed in miserable failure. Many students don't understand what the school is all about, and many don't even want to be there. Students at Madison Park average a month's absences each year(!). Students wander into the building late every day, and show up late for individual classes, preventing class from starting on time. The school doesn't even follow the standard, state-wide model of one week academics, one week vocational work.

    This year was supposed to be a new beginning for the school. But when the headmaster retired last May, they weren't able to find a replacement over the summer - thus the interim headmaster.

    The problem here isn't a one-off gotcha - it's institutional, and it's been many years in the making. And all of it happened under Mumbles' watch. The city can have grossly incompetent school management and no one is interested. As soon as someone suggests neighborhood schools, then meetings are held and committees named.