Citizen complaint of the day: Burp!


An outraged South End citizen notes this overstuffed trash receptacle at Berkeley and Chandler and wonders when the South End will stop playing third fiddle to its neighbors:

So typical all over the South End.... Never see this on Beacon Hill or the Back Bay...

Same bin but from the other side.



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      I like those things...

      You can't see the trash inside...but they have to be emptied regularly and I'm not sure DPW's have figured that out, yet.

      I'm quick to send an email when the one my corner looks neglected, but that's in Lynn.

      Tough to tell

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      If the bin is full, or some moron tried to stuff too much trash in the "mouth".

      Give that man a prize

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      If you look at the second complaint, that's exactly what the issue is. So in response to the first complaint, what's wrong with people in the South End that they can't correctly throw away their trash.

      Household Trash

      Looks like somebody stuffed a household garbage bag in there and didn't even try to parcel it out.

      Which begs the question: why don't densely populated neighborhoods like the North End, South End, Chinatown, etc. have Euro-style neighborhood dumpster systems so people don't feel like they have to do stuff like this? Seems to also cut down on the rats on trash day issue, too.

      I'd guess it's the loss of

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      I'd guess it's the loss of street parking, and how hard it would be push that past drivers. It would be great if it happened!

      What's a Euro-style

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      What's a Euro-style neighborhood dumpster system?

      not so fast

      There's hopes of a euro-style container test/pilot project we hope to have in the South End...

      "what's wrong with people in

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      "what's wrong with people in the South End that they can't correctly throw away their trash."

      Selfishness, entitlement? If you lived in this neighborhood you would understand.