Another bit of old Boston gets ripped out: Windsor Button to shut down

The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District tweets that Windsor Button, 35 Temple Pl., starts a going-out-of-business sale on Feb. 11. It first opened in 1936.



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    I heard about this yesterday, and I was bereft.

    I might have to make a trip up there for one last shop.

    Boo greedy landlords...curses on you and your children.

    Oh no!!

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    Now where will I get my buttons?! and where will I get a yarn fix on my lunch break?! This is awful!

    I'm so sad.

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    They had a great variety of yarns, notions and the most amazing button collection. It's really the only shop left in Downtown Crossing from my childhood. What a huge loss. I'm sure some bar or restaurant will move in.


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    100% worst news ever. Every time something I've loved forever closes, I think to myself, "someday, this will happen to Windsor Button, and then I will weep bitter, bitter tears." And now it's happening!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    Aside from Windmill Fabrics

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    Aside from Windmill Fabrics does Boston proper still have any crafting, hobby, knitting, sewing, model railroad type shops left?

    Grey's Fabric at 450 Harrison

    Grey's Fabric at 450 Harrison is definitely worth checking out. Great selection of fabrics, but far smaller selection of notions than Windsor. Well, I think every other store has a far smaller selection than Windsor Button...

    I just need....

    It's the notions I'll miss. the little stuff that you don't realize you're out of until you need them. A short trip to Windsor is a lot nicer than a major hike to ac moore... Doubly sad that this due to a plain old rent increase. Like we need another expensive restaurant...

    Love Knit and Stitch

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    And Greys and Gather and the other crafty/sewing stores that have opened recently. But Windsor Button was a classic and for most of us a nice connection with our mothers and grandmothers who shopped here back when everyone made their own clothing on a regular basis.

    NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O (part deux)

    I can honestly say my grandmother, mother and all of my aunts shopped there. My Mom would make special trips back here to Boston (from NJ) to shop there. This just STINKS!!

    Double Crapola

    I don't need them until I need them...and then I really need them. They have it all.

    Plus, you can combine a trip there with a drink or two or three at Stoddard.


    totally agree

    And, this comes at a time when people are beginning to learn to do things for themselves to save money. I'll miss them.

    "a drink or two or three at Stoddard"?

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    Speaking of old Boston stores... where did that eating and drinking spot get their name?

    Stoddard's cutlery store, of course. The web says they still have a store in the Nonantum section of Newton.

    From a recent Yelp review (according to Google): "If Stoddard's ever goes out of business then Boston is far worse for it."

    Talk about things that are gone...

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    I remember when the Stoddard restaurant you are referring to was Stoddards Cutlery, a downtown Boston institution for years. When they left Temple Place (not all that long ago, really) the restaurant that took over kept the name.


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    1) I hate it anytime a unique local place goes away

    2) I just got my Mom a gift certificate for her birthday, and now she's got to come in from far flung Central Mass if she can schedule around the snow :(

    This is terrible news. I

    This is terrible news. I learned to knit at Windsor Button. They had a workshop every Wednesday. You could just drop in and knit away.


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    I remember being unimpressed by the selection of knitting supplies just a few years ago--very old school, acrylics, etc. and then they brought in all of this wonderful yarn--I wonder if it wasn't just a little too late? Still just so sad to see this place go.

    Then it was clearly more than

    Then it was clearly more than "a few" years since you last visited. In the past decade or so, Windsor Button became a great combination of the old-school bad acrylic stuff (which, yeah, every once in a while you need) with the more upscale yarns.

    That's what I'm saying

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    Their recent yarn selection was fantastic (compared to the old, fairly scant selection) and they seem to have created a nice community for knitters as well.

    Definitely a loss

    I loved their yarn selection, the helpful staff and the classes as well. I took a tatting class there a few years ago, something I'd never seen offered anywhere else. My great-grandmother tatted some beautiful linens that have been passed down in my family, but no one ever learned the skill from her. I was so happy to finally be able to fix some her pieces and make new ones.

    Really sad to see Windsor go.

    Awful, awful news. I hate

    Awful, awful news. I hate being forced into Jo-Ann's with their sub-par buttons and notions selection. Windsor Button, you will be deeply missed.

    So sorry to hear that.

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    What a great place. It really is starting to feel as if the Downtown that I grew up with is completely gone.

    More sadness

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    Erin McDonald, who writes Knitting in Beantown is, as you might expect, not very happy:

    I feel like someone just punched me in the gut, I am breathless and incredibly sad. I know some of you may think this borders on melodramatic.... go ahead, judge me, because I will be guilty as charged.