Pixnit and her spores

You may have seen the story in the Globe today about the artistic tagger, the one that mentioned her MySpace page without providing a link to it. Here it is - and it features numerous examples of her work (although some require a MySpace account to see).

More Pixnit.

Even more Pixnit.



      Free tagging: 



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      the story in the Globe today about the artistic tagger vandal...

      Where does she live? I could give her some of my "art". My medium of choice is holes made in panes of glass made by rocks moving at high velocity.

      The very end of the Globe story

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      I was particularly taken by it because it was a quote from somebody raving about her work who admitted he might just feel differently if it was his windows she was marking up.

      I really admire her art (and her tag name - I feel like Zippy; I can't stop saying "Pixnit!"), but not so much her desire to put it on people's property without their permission. There are lots of people out there who, I bet, would willingly let her stencil their walls. She should maybe consider other ways to add excitement to her life.

      Artist....uh huh.

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      Like the sculpture who lived across the street from me in Rozzie who created a wonderfully life-like rendering of a flat tire one day.

      Unfortuantely, his artwork was still attached to my wife's Nissan at the time.

      I found the article, her

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      I found the article, her website, and her art boring. Really yawn inspiring. That picture of hers in the Globe article was so ridiculously staged.

      Tagging with stencils is what my kids did in 1st grade. Yawn.

      "I was a baby when I learned to suck, but you have raised it to an artform."
      -Barenaked Ladies
      Wind It Up

      I like it!

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      I'm glad Pixnit is trying to elevate a form of expression most people sneer at. If more graffiti was like hers I wouldn't mind seeing my neighborhood tagged.

      Yeah I was thinking of Franz

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      Yeah I was thinking of Franz Meyer's "Handbook of Ornament" while looking at the stuff. She's got talent, I'll give her that. Only a handful of people really understand how to formulate those shapes (Chris Ware is another).


      My high school social studies teacher made a poignant point on liberties in a free society by giving a graphical demonstration in class. Being a marshal arts expert, he asked for a volunteer and posed the question "where do my liberties end and yours begin?" He then asked the volunteer to stand completely still, and threw a punch that fell short of making contact with his "victims" nose by a fraction of in inch.

      "My liberties", he explained to the volunteer, "seem to end at the tip of your nose."

      You may like the idea of graffiti for it's rebellious nature or applaud the bold statements of its anonymous author, but it is neither. It is an infringement of our rights; it is an illegal eyesore and assault on our senses.

      If you have trouble with this separation between art and vandalism, then imagine an art form where I deface the finish of your new car with my key. Not so funny, eh?