Autistic East Boston teen with love of trains goes missing again

Boston Police tweet they are looking for Jeffrey Cooper, 17, last seen around 4:30 p.m. wearing a blue hoodie, blue jeans, a green Celtics hat, a blue coat, brown sneakers and glasses.

Steve tweets he was last seen getting on the Blue Line at Maverick.



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    Dumb question.... if this is

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    Dumb question.... if this is a known problem, why don't they just get him a GPS tracker like they do for people under house arrest? Surely it's cheaper.

    I often see him on the train

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    I often see him on the train with his parents getting on or off at Maverick. I know its easy to complain abut him always being lost but the kid BOLTS off and on the trains making it impossible to really catch him. His parents will yell at him to stop or try to hold him back, but once those doors open he is off to the races.


    But at what point, and after how many escapades involving city, state, and public resources, does someone come up with a preventative solution a la the GPS unit?

    No, I don't think people should be tagged at random or forced to do something against their will without reason, but this is probably the tenth time in three years he's done this. And today the public safety resources are kinda needed elsewhere.

    I'm not blaming anyone, but for those who know the law better is there a way to help this family?

    No, there isn't

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    I know the laws pretty well; I evaluate teens and adults with disabilities and often write safety plans.

    From what I've heard in the news, this family does use the tracking bracelet, but it isn't safe or legal to put a device on someone that can't be easily removed. So no, they can't like handcuff it to him so he can't remove it.

    And if he's just running off and isn't actively endangering self or others, he wouldn't remotely qualify for being committed to a locked facility.

    He's a human being and has the right to go where he wants as long as he's not actively harming anyone.

    Utilization of services

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    As far as utilization of services goes, that's what they're there for. Yes, this kid uses the services of the cops searching for him every few months, while my kid never uses these.

    Do I feel slighted and feel like my kid deserves to be searched for every few months? No, of course not. I feel grateful that my child does not have a severe disability (at least not right now; any of us can acquire one). I feel sad that this family has to go through this and worry about their child, and I feel sad that we live in a society where people are so judgmental of people with certain disabilities.

    And you know, those damn kids with cancer! They use tons of medical services, while my kid only gets regular ones. Should I be mad about that, or should I be grateful that my kid doesn't have cancer and my family doesn't have to go through that? Jeez.


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    We should give the kid an iPhone with Find My Friends installed… that'd solve the problem without making him seem like a criminal.