Optimist in Somerville

Mamajoan looked out her window in East Somerville to see a guy who may not realize what'll happen to all his work when the first plow comes through.



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I'm seeing a lot of this on

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I'm seeing a lot of this on my street. There hasn't been a plow through here since early last night. The snow is 2 feet deep from one end of the street to the other.

My motto: Check twice (that the plow has been through). Shovel once.

tough call

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The downside to waiting for the plows to come by is that in the meantime the crap that the firs plow run or two left there hardens up into plow-snot that you need explosives to move. Also, at least here in Eastie, the people shoveling out around you are likely to decide the space at the front of your car is a good spot to put the snow that is on top of their cars.

I find the trick to be to take out a bit of the snow in front of the car behind you in the 'from' direction of the plow, so that the plow doesn't just smear the snow bank behind you all over your cleared out car. Better yet, find off-street parking.

My street hasn't even seen a

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My street hasn't even seen a first pass by a plow. No rock hard plow-snot to worry about. So thank-you for that Boston, I think. :-/

Um, nothing?

I guess I'm missing something, or maybe I have good plow drivers in my area. I presume he parked on the odd-numbered side of the street (otherwise, he'd be in violation of the snow emergency). When the plows go down the street, they push the snow to the even side of the street (supposedly to the curb, but that never happens). I guess he could be on a narrow street that only has parking on one side, but it doesn't look that way from the photo.