No T service today

Clearing the tracks along Comm. Ave. in Brighton.Clearing the tracks along Comm. Ave. in Brighton. Photo by MBTA.

The MBTA says it won't restore service until at least tomorrow.



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no T

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I think it is time for the french toast.

No worry.

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I have a 4WD vehicle.


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Why didn't they keep the MBTA open! Trains can plow through 6 foot drifts!

I know, my moms basement has some books on trains. One's name is Thomas.

Trains don't run in the snow anymore?


Ever heard of:
*Trains in Alaska?
*Trains in The Rocky Mountains?
*Trains in the Swiss Alps?

You're right. This is the precious MBTA--we only operate on bright, sunny, warm days.

But please, keep making excuses; they'll keep raising fares. As it is, they're already looking at ways to stem a budget shortfall for next year. I'm guessing 24 hours (and counting) of paying hundreds of crew-people while taking in zero revenue doesn't help.


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Didn't see one of these at the MBTA:

Getting snow wedged under a car and derailing is the price to pay to get thetrainmon to work in very unsafe conditions. Not even mentioning the fact that Boston saw hurricane force wind gusts last night, and that all of Quincy was cut off from the grid for 12 hours.

But keep up the internet criticisms. Have a fun bike ride to work!

So, it's my fault. . .

That the T doesn't own a snowblower? Was that the purpose of you video? Just checking. The so own a "Snow-zilla."

Just for the record, when's the last time you've heard a train accident anywhere, anywhere in the world, due to snow? It's not like you go plowing through it at full-speed and then say "Aw shucks, too fast!" Just like there are speed limit restrictions on the highways, there are easily imposed speed restrictions during bad weather. Gimme a break, we're splitting hairs here.

Again, with the hurricane-force winds. So, if I go to the Forest Hills Garage (or Cabot or Albany Street, or Lynn . . ) right now, buses that had to be parked outside got blown over, right. You know, because it's easy to topple a 20-ton bus.

And, last I checked, the T is, thankfully, not in the electrical distribution business, and isn't responsible for "all of Quincy" being without power. Way to ramp up the rhetoric, though.

Lastly, I will enjoy my bike ride, thank you. Love the bike. Reliable, environmentally-responsible . . . and a good workout to boot.

Think we've all had enough of you

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Boston's rickety transit system is NOT ALASKA, NOT the ROCKIES AND NOT SWITZERLAND. There are mass breakdowns in nice weather. There are electrical problems thanks to the Quincy blackout. Most bus routes would have severe problems running and subway yards are covered in snow. PLEASE stop complaining, you sound like an immature naive kid who doesn't understand how the real world works.

So, tell me, anon . . .

When do you start holding the T's feet to the fire? I've been riding the system for over 30 years. I know dozens of now-retired T drivers, supervisors, union shop stewards, etc. I can tell you horror stories of mismanagement and corruption during the '80s-'00s.

No doubt things are better now, but they can always be better. And it's not just about funding--it's also a positive, can-do attitude.

It's not about me. I have a bike. I have car--gotta dig it out, but it's there. It's about the people who are truly stranded this entire weekend because of zero service. It can't always be "sorry for the inconvenience." Fares go up; service and reliability go down. Change has to start somewhere.

I assume you have already

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I assume you have already showed up at the State House to let Deval know what a pathetic excuse for a governor he is by ordering all cars off the roads for 24 hours. I mean, roads should be treated like a critical piece of infrastructure, and telling citizens that they must be off the roads for a full day is pretty damn irresponsible. Right?

Long Island got it right?

They still had buses on the roads and everything. People didn't have to leave work early, there was no travel ban, nobody was inconvenienced and everything was happy rainbows and all that!

See - here's the people who left after their workday ended on NY:


No word if they are all still there!

Look close

Buses in there, too.

Oh, but its about TRAINS now that you aren't able to tell us, with any credibility, how your SUPER SPECIAL BUS DRIVING POWERS would have saved the day were you one of those drivers on this roadway. Yes, we all know about your power to phase through traffic being snowed into the spot because its all about the trains?

Sorry, but Mother Nature bats last - and the people who run the trains have to get home as well.

MBTA includes buses

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Which have to drive on roads.

And yes, that part of LI was a mess. I know people who live there, and people are complaining that they didn't shut things down sooner.

So no matter what anyone does, someone is going to complain.

And so

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you admit the 30 or so post about complaining about the MBTA doing the right thing, wasn't really about the MBTA doing the right thing; but some beef with their overall service.

I knew I smelled bullshit.

Look, I'm not one to sugar-talk the MBTA's failures. But they did and have been doing the right thing in this occasion. Just as the Governor was right to put a travel ban in place.

It undoubtedly saved lives and trying to rile people up because of it, for your other agenda, is FUBAR.

This weekend WASN'T about service or reliability. It was about a dangerous, major weather event where the Commonwealth declared a state of emergency.

All the chest-thumping in the world

Doesn't change the fact that Boston isn't some podunk, flyover city--it's the economic and media epicenter of New England and having a vital network shut down for what will be at least 60 hours is crippling to the area.

The T dodged a huge bullet with this happening over the weekend. I mean, sure, it's only 100s of healthcare workers who still have to, um, work, but yeah, take it up the a$$--your fault for working in healthcare. You can sleep over two, three nights, you're essential. We're the T--we're not essential. We'll be up and running, um, shortly.

I mean it's not even like they're trying. Noontime, 1:00, 2:00 *maybe* try start running some buses on key routes to get people mobile. Nope, all bus routes, all day Sunday. Maybe by tomorrow, with everybody driving over the roads they'll be worn down enough so they'll stop complaining about them being unsafe to drive on.

NYC is larger than Boston

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And they have shut down the system during huge storms. I'm sure other cities have as well.

Hospitals have plans in place to deal with this. We understand that this may happen on a rare occasion.

Your trolling's getting

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Your trolling's getting annoying.

Go down to Park Plaza and rant to Scott and Davey about how they couldn't keep their transit system open in one of the five heaviest snowstorms of the past century. I'm sure they'll be all ears.

You finally used the word troll

I'm so happy, I've been waiting all day to explain this:

Me vs Troll

Troll: Somebody who randomly spouts off BS about something they know little about.

Me: Somebody who's been in the transportation industry for 11.5 years and counting, both public and private. I'm not just some yahooser who gets his jollies off ranting about the T.

Oh, and bonus points for being born and raised in Boston and riding the this (sometimes) pathetic excuse of a system for over three decades. Trust me: there's not hate--it's called constructive criticism.

Next-to-last, I personally thought Davey was one of the best things that happened to the T, including making strides to beef up the often lackluster customer service from quintessentially apathetic employees, like the CSAs who hide out in their booths instead of helping people with CharlieTicket/Card issues. His grassroots efforts to get the public involved were revolutionary. But the minute something better came along, he cut and ran like the rest of the them.

Lastly, I wish Scott, well, I really do. But the "she's from Atlanta" jokes are already starting to fly--and they're not even coming from me. Let's hope she sticks around past Winter.

Davey is still very much

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Davey is still very much calling most of the shots. Who do you always see in front of the camera?

It's not just about the T.

It's about the few thousand MBTA workers who would have to drive to get to their jobs. Guess what? A few of them wouldn't have made it, and a few others would have broken down on the way there or home, causing more of a mess than they were worth.

If,you were that important, or you are a boss of someone that is important, you make others arrangements beforehand for transportation, clearing your driveway, filling some extra shifts, holding people over a shift, etc, etc.

So let's hold the entire Eastern half of Mass. hostage

Because *some* MBTA employees can't make it to work. Got it! I mean, miraculously since its been over 12 hours since the driving ban was lifting I'm seeing cars zooming up and down my street like it's a Summer day. But all the T employees are snowed in, right? And Heaven forbid they carpool.

My wife, who works in healthcare, had to go to work today after being excused last day and half. She waited 45 minutes this morning for a cab that never showed and thankfully a neighbor was out walking the dog so she politely asked for a ride to work.

If your wife "had" to go to work.. ....

And she had to rely on a cab, then she probably didn't have to be at work, or you weren't smart enough to plan to get her there.

And you obviously haven't ever dealt with an mbta union member either, or any other union company with 1000+ workers that should be at work. Most of them won't make it, and it doesn't matter if they were too lazy to shovel out or not or whatever, the fact is, they aren't going to make it, just like your wife who assumed a fucking cab would get them to work in /after a blizzard. Assuming most people are as dumb as your wife, and don't have a neighbor who will drive them places (unplanned) , it is obviously you have no clue how the world works.... are a troll.

A troll is also someone that has no idea how the world works, but will argue on the internet regardless of that fact.

Just think about that thenext time you get angry about something you have no control over, or just go see a therapist.

Couldn't you drop her off?

I mean, if she is such an essential employee 24/7/365 and all, having a car is usually required.

For example, my niece is an ER nurse in a city with more than ample public transit. Guess what? She is required to have a working car as a condition of employment. Why? Well, reasons you just described.

Of course, she gets parking in the deal as they require her to have a car. Although not having parking doesn't prevent you from dropping someone one off if they have to be somewhere.

You're funny

So I'm a troll and offer nothing constructive to the conversation because I challenge people to think for themselves and write comments that aren't popular, but you're comment just now was actually meaningful? Duly noted.


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Talk about missing the point.

I'm not commenting on your diatribe at all.

I'm simply pointing out that:

A: Your criticism is not "constructive criticism". It is merely criticism. Constructive criticism is not levied with insults and accusations, but instead gives helpful and positive reinforcement as to how to improve behavior.

B: Trolls are not simply "uninformed posters". Trolls know exactly what they're talking about but are deliberately posting to elicit emotional/reactional responses in other people, regardless of what the troll's own views/stance are.

I don't think you're trolling. That doesn't mean I think you're informed, uninformed, right, or wrong. You're just not a troll. A dick, possibly. But not a troll.

MBTA may be closed, but they

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MBTA may be closed, but they are running plow trains. The commuter rail tracks through the Allston Rail yard have had a pass or two and looks pretty clear, though windblown snow is a problem.


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Friday I left work at Park Street at 1:30 pm, so I could catch the 2:20 PM Commuter Rail to Wakefield, or, if I missed that one, the 3:00 -- the last scheduled train before the stupidly premature shutdown at 3:30.

Shortly after arriving at North Station, the PA announced, "Due to hazardous weather conditions, the 2:20 train to Reading is cancelled, but the 3:00 PM to Haverhill will make all stops." Oh, so the hazardous weather at 2:20 will miraculously inprove at at 3:00? Exactly how stupid do they think we riders are?

But wait, it gets better. While the 3:00 train was listed as "ON TIME" on the giant Departures board, it wasn't until 3:05 that the track was announed and passengers were allowed to board (onto the train on Track 4, mind you, which had been sitting there empty the entire time -- it wasn't like we were waiting for an inbound train to arrive). At which point, the ever-helpful engineer announced that the train really wasn't going to leave until 3:30, which, of course, turned about to be about 3:40. Mind you, there was barely and inch of snow accumulated anyone on the route, at least as far as Wakefield, where I finally arrived about 4:10 or so.

Whatever happened to keeping public transporation options available as long as possible, to discourage use of private vehicles in case of emergencies? Except for New Year's when the trains run late so drunks can get home after 12:30, those of us at the mercy of public transportation have to settle for getting stranded. And, of course, getting fare hikes.

(Ironically, the crowds at North Station dealing with needlessly cancelled trains, needlessly early termination of service, and needlessly incorrect information, took it all with patience, calmness, and grace. We did our part. If only the MBTA would do their part every once in a while.

we got more snow in the feb

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we got more snow in the feb '05 storm and the T didn't shut down for 2.5 days.... shutting until monday is pretty ridiculous. Maybe this cuts it in Atlanta but perhaps the new GM doesn't realize just how many people rely on this as their primary transportation.

I do agree that there's no

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I do agree that there's no good excuse for at least key bus service not resuming tomorrow. The main roads will have all been cleared.

It almost sounds as though they'd rather resume all service at once rather than, say, having buses and certain trains start tomorrow, and everything resume Monday.

But with bus tracking, riders should be able to see exactly when buses are coming and plan accordingly.

MBTA failure

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The MBTA lack of service on Sunday is reportedly due to a communications failure in Quincy. WCVB story.

Why the MBTA has a communications center in Quincy I don't know. And why that affects buses I also don't know. It's not like most MBTA drivers take the T to work.

Epic Fail by the MBTA

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How can something that critical to the MBTA system not have a gas-powered back-up generator? EPIC FAIL !!!!

I think they made the right

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I think they made the right call curtailing service Friday and Saturday, but if the primary reason they are not operating even partial service Sunday is a problem with the digital radio system, then they really need to explain why a new radio system did not have more back up protection built into its design.

If the digital radio system

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If the digital radio system is down, the bus tracker won't work. The GPS units on the buses send back their location data to the tracker system over the radio system

Let the Sunday Excuses Fly

I love you people; I really do. I never knew the T had so many amateur lawyers! I've heard, and loved, all the excuses:

*You know it's soooo windy, right?
The winds didn't kick up until 9:00 so shut down at 3:30?

*It's the most snow we've had in years, if not decades at one time! Remember '78!
First of all, I must've slept through the '90s. Second of all, um, hey, isn't this New England? The whole "we're not ready for this kind of stuff" argument might work better in Arizona.

*It's for your own safety, so shut up!
You're right! I mean, why not perpetuate a culture of fear? Keep producing that wool, sheep. They'll keep shearing.

But today, Sunday, my friends, you have run out of excuses. No buses all day? Pathetic!

*Western Mass., which got at least as much snow as us, is up and running (PVTA).
*Manchester, NH, which got more snow than us, is up and running (MTA).

Please, please, reply with your latest excuses of why the bus system is shut down all day long on these oh-so-treacherous streets. Love to read them . . .

Many of us have already

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Many of us have already questioned why at least some main bus routes (1, 77, 66, 39, etc.) are not up and running, 24 hours after the snow stopped.

You're now mixing up the T shutting down mid-afternoon Friday -- which most people agree was a reasonable action -- with the T's inability to resume some service.

Have a nice day.

MBTA Service Update: Limited

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MBTA Service Update: Limited Subway and bus service to resume at 2pm Today.

The MBTA will resume limited MBTA subway and key bus route service effective 2pm, Sunday, February 10, 2013. Limited service will operate on the MBTA's Red, Orange, Blue between Orient Heights and Government Center, and Green Line between Kenmore and Lechmere. Limited bus service will also operate on the 1, 23, 28, 39, and Silver Line Washington Street Only. Unless necessary, customers are encouraged to stay home and use service sparingly.

2:00 pm!!

Okay, so the latest update is that there will be limited service, which many of us have been asking for, starting at 2:00pm!

This is what frustrates me--why then, even ruffle feathers by saying "no service." Why not just say, "as soon as possible, we're shooting for 2." It's like the complete opposite of Sandy (down to the hour of stopping/resuming). Stop toying with people already.

Because it's better to

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Because it's better to underpromise and overdeliver than to set certain expectations and not be able to meet them.