A bit of MBTA service to resume today, but T asks you not to use it unless you must

Plowing out the B Line. Photo by MBTA.Plowing out the B Line. Photo by MBTA.

UPDATE: The T says there's now limited service on the
1, 23, 28, 32, 39, 71, 73, 77, 93, 100, 106, 108, 109, 111, 116, 275, 276 and SL5 bus routes and all Green Line branches except the B past Kenmore.

The MBTA reports some service will start at 2 p.m.:

Limited service will operate on the MBTA's Red, Orange, Blue between Orient Heights and Government Center, and Green Line between Kenmore and Lechmere. Limited bus service will also operate on the 1, 23, 28, 39, and Silver Line Washington Street Only. Unless necessary, customers are encouraged to stay home and use service sparingly.



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I'm taking all the credit!

Yes, my "trolling" led to the limited service restoration! They will build shrines to my ranting and raving!

Okay, seriously, I'm glad that the MBTA has been able to safely start getting back to service, keeping both passenger and worker safety in mind.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


Having their Comm tower out

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will do that to you, especially when they're using tracking technology that isn't much more advanced and tin cups and strings.

15 years of no funding will do that. Call you Rep or state senator and complain!

of course

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of course no 111 or 116/117 :-/ Gee can't T just loop'em to Bellingham Square. Without Commuter Rail or Bus service we're dead in the water.. and these are key routes!

Or the 77

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I mean, Mass Ave is probably one of the first ten roads in the city to get cleared. There must be some specific reason not to run it. I'd guess the Arlington Heights busway is still blocked.

Mass Ave

Yesterday around noon I rode my bike from West Medford to Lexington center mostly along Mass Ave. The snow had just finish falling but Mass Ave was pretty clear for the whole way. I didn't look at the bus depot but seeing as how both the Stop and Shop in Arlington and the Whole Foods in Medford were open on Saturday with plowed parking lots wouldn't be unreasonable to expect the MBTA to be able to plow the Arlington bus depot 24 later.

Maybe they have a good reason. Or maybe they are just taking the easy way out by shutting the system for as long as possible. People can't complain about slow buses and delays if they aren't running the system at all. My fear is they'll use this an an example to justify future service cuts.

Why not just turn the MBTA into a good weather only, rush hour only system? It would make a lot more money and be be a lot easier on the MBTA management.


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No 111 or 77 because the Charlestown bus garage is a shitshow. No 116/117 for similar reason at the Lynn garage.

It's running now

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More buses have been added to the list. The 77 is one of them.


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I can't believe anybody is complaining about anything; have you seen how much snow is out there!? There's only so much they can do. Everybody just needs to take a chill pill.

MBTA 'thought' process

Hrm, the secondary roads are a mess everywhere, many private cars won't be dug out for days, and private vehicle use should be discouraged anyway.

Let's only open halfway and then tell people to FOAD if they think about actually using our services!

Good Advice

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Not just today but for every day: Use the T sparingly...

No silver line to airport?

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No silver line to airport? Isnt Logan open?


Only trips of a necessary medical nature will be made on Sunday, February 10, 2013. "

Actually, MBTA, thats illegal. Not that the feds will prosecute or anything, but ADA doesn't allow this kind of limitation

Blue Line to Airport

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Blue line stops at Orient Heights, and Massport confirms that the Blue Line shuttles are running.


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Opened last night actually. It'd be kind of silly for Massport to be running the shuttles otherwise, no?

C and D are now up

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"The C-Branch will operate limited service between Kenmore and Cleveland Circle and the D-Branch will operate limited service between Kenmore and Riverside."

They resumed service on the

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They resumed service on the E-line as far as Brigham Circle around 5:30, but then had to stop when a trolley got stuck at Longwood Ave. because the crews clearing the platform dumped all of the snow on to the tracks.

E Line service to Brigham

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E Line service to Brigham Circle resumed after the snow was re-removed from the track area at Longwood.

as of 9 PM, packard's corner

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as of 9 PM, packard's corner was still a clusterfuck, until they get the dump trucks in there to clean out the snow, it's going to be tough for buses getting through there.

Words cannot express disgust

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I have been refugeed from Marshfield to Brookline hotel owing to it being 41 degrees inside my house. After a lovely early afternoon in Cooldge Corner I noticed workers shoveling the inbound Coolidge Corner stop around 3. I returned from my dark house back to the hotel at 8 and noticed workers shoveling the inbound Coolidge Corner stop. Nice job T. My kid cleared the front of my driveway in 8 minutes. 589er's not so much. No wonder I drive.

The mbta indeed does suck

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I live in North Quincy and take the Red Line to South Station for my commute. I'm working from home today because I just couldn't take the despair.

There have been medical emergencies and disabled trains this morning. In other words, a normal day on the Red Line. It's so bad I'm thinking about driving to work.

We are slowly losing our status as a second rate city. Without a reliable subway system, we're pathetic.